No Thanks, Cupid. We’re Having Waffles Instead

No Thanks, Cupid. We’re Having Waffles Instead

Do you absolutely LOVE Valentine’s Day? Do you make cards for your family and friends, decorate your house in streamers, and then spend the day dressed in a red outfit and snacking on a heart-shaped box of chocolates? Or, are you more in the “grin and bear it” camp; racing through the day like a vampire being exposed to the sunlight, hissing and clawing your way until the day is finally over?


It can all depend on your formative elementary school Valentine’s Day experience. Were you in one of those all-inclusive classes where every kid gave and received a fun Valentine, with adorable sayings like “Hedgehugs” or cute little candy hearts? 


Or, was your Valentine’s Day something more out of a Charlie Brown skit, where you spent the day mooning over The Little Red-Haired Girl — who had no idea you even existed — only to finally get a Valentine’s Day card from your dog…


We get it. Valentine’s Day can be a confusing time. You want to embrace the sentiments of love (and candy!) encouraged by the holiday. Still, you can’t help but resent being forced to embrace all those same sentiments of love (and candy) that society expects of you. Stop telling me how to live my life, Valentine’s Day! I’ll eat this slice of pizza, by myself, in sweatpants on February 14th and I don’t want to feel bad about it.

So, we at Design By Humans are here to tell you: it’s okay to be firmly undecided about Valentine’s Day! Our Valentine’s Day stance is decidedly undecided too.


Our thought is this: Cupid is the guardian of the holiday, after all. And, although he is the bringer of eternal love and endless devotion, it’s just a little bit weird that you need to get shot with an arrow first… 


Love hurts, literally. So, we’re all about celebrating the sweet with the salty and accepting the people who love Valentine’s Day, as well as, the people who hate it. It’s time to add salted caramel, chocolate-covered pretzels, and fried chicken & waffles to the V-Day menu. A little bit of salt can make the day that much sweeter! Check out the newest DBH Sweet & Salty Collection and enjoy a little bit of both.


You’ll find the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit, whether it is an adorable declaration of love or something a little sassier, right here. Order by 2/2 or miss out on wearing this awesome new DBH tee on that romantic night out with your sweetie…or that night in with your pizza.

Featured Artist: InkedinRed

Featured Artist: InkedinRed

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Featured Artist: DiegoVL