DBH Does Inktober!

DBH Does Inktober!

On your mark, get set, draw! Pick up your pens and get ready to join Design By Humans in the Inktober 2018 challenge.

Together we’ll draw one new design every day during the month of October.

Inktober is the perfect way for artists to not only give support and encouragement to each other as a community, but also to push themselves to find time to pursue their passion for art.



Inktober encourages artists to find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Every year, Inktober provides a new Prompt List as inspiration for challenge seekers. Artists are free to follow the prompt literally, figuratively, as just a starting point, or even not at all. Inktober is about creating art — however that might happen for you.



What started out as a simple ink drawing challenge in 2009 has grown into a worldwide exercise in creativity. Inktober inspires artists to channel their energy — using any form of illustration like digital, crayon, and watercolor — into one new drawing every day.

Inktober encourages artists to focus on designing a classic black ink drawing on a white sheet of paper (or black ink & one color).



However, the challenge is really about trying new techniques or perfecting old practices; all creative designs are welcome.



In fact, the only rule that must be followed in Inktober is that every artist “just pick up a pen and start drawing.” Plus... have fun, of course! Be sure to tag your designs with #Inktober and #Inktober2018 to share with the community.

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Featured Artist: Melanihugginsillu

Featured Artist: Melanihugginsillu

Featured Artist: Nakanoart

Featured Artist: Nakanoart