Featured Artist: Digent

Featured Artist: Digent

First let me introduce, My name is Uong Duy Thien as know as Digent, I'm graphic designer and tattoo artist from Viet Nam, most of my drawings are designed for my tattoo work. I love black work tattoos, old school tattoos, woodblock printing, I like those designs and I apply some of my work as graphic design into it.

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Digent: If there is a chance to live anywhere in the world, then maybe I will choose Da Lat - Vietnam, it is a small city with fresh air cool, natural variety, I have lived there, and that place was quite inspiring for my design and drawing.

Q: If you had a time machine, what art period would you travel to? Why?

Digent: It's nice question! If there is a time machine, I will return to Gothic art period time, because I think I will fit in the art of this style, it’s a time when architectural, sculpture, printing, especially stained glass, was at its zenith. With this art spirit. And can orient to perfect my style better.

Q: Do you know what your art piece will be, before you begin?

Digent: Because before I started drawing, I often imagined the topic idea, and because most of my designs were flash tattoos, I would think about layout, shape, position, size… to make detail. Therefore since I started painting, I thought I knew 7-80% of the results, some of the details I would find in the drawing.

Q: What do you do when you are experiencing a mental block to creating art?

Digent: This problem is often happens to me, especially at beginning. At such times I often replay my fav movie that I have seen, re-read my fav books that I have read I feel like or I will travel to somewhere few days. This will help me regain motivation. At the moment, I practice to be able to draw daily at least 2 hours, and draw anything I love at any time. Do not put too much emphasis on drawing something too hard to avoid art block.

Q: What creative people do you admire?

Digent: Quite a lot, at this time I admire some tattoo artists in black work tattoo such as Ben Lopez, Nhut Be, Suflanda, Ruco…they have their own substance and skill in drawing and tattooing. Hope one day I will achieve as well as them.

Q: What is the ultimate message you would like to convey with your art?

Digent: When I draw a picture I feel comfortable and happy so I hope when people look at my drawings, they will feel comfortable and happy too, so that's enough for me.

Q: Do you have funny/unique rituals in your creative process?

Digent: There is nothing special about my drawing process, I think it is similar to the wood carving process although I draw on the computer and paper, I start with the dark shape and then paint the light to go into the details. I think my drawing style is quite the opposite of everyone, they go from light to dark and I am the opposite.

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