You Love Him, We Know: DBH’s Han Solo Memories

You Love Him, We Know: DBH’s Han Solo Memories

Whether or not you were battling with lightsabers in your backyard as a kid or dressing up as Salacious Crumb on Halloween – then wondering why no one recognized you – the chances are still good that Star Wars played a significant role in your childhood.

We are surrounded by references to the Force, to the Dark Side, and to the adventures from a galaxy far, far away. Nonetheless, it was – and continues to be – Han Solo who stole our hearts (plus, Chewie. Oh, and the Ewoks. Or maybe R2-D2? We can’t choose).

Is it because Han Solo had the best lines, or that he was the most realistically flawed character in the galaxy, or just that his hair always somehow managed to look perfect? Whatever it was, the scruffy-looking nerf herder continues to be a fan favorite. And, thankfully, the universe heard our call and the prequel, Solo: A Star Wars Story, will be released in theaters on May 25th, 2018. The first official Solo trailer hints that we will finally get to see how the famous BFFs: Han Solo and Chewbacca – Hanbacca? Chewbolo? – met, how Han won the Millennium Falcon, and maybe even learn a little more about the dynamic Lando Calrissian.

So, in honor of the film release, the DBH team will take you back to a memory far, far away and share their fondest recollections of Han Solo and the fanfare he has inspired.

DBH’s talented Graphic Designer, Kira, remembers an infamous Han Solo meme and admits:

“now when I see Han Solo I can only picture the meme.”

The unstoppable Customer Service Manager, Lindsey, recalls watching Star Wars with a friend:

“My friend has always had this thing for motorcycle cop boots, so she always gets really excited to see motorcycle cops. We were hanging out watching Star Wars one day and she turns to me and goes: ‘My love of boots!!! It’s because of Han Solo!!’”

Web Dev Wizard, Tom, was inspired by Han Solo’s cool as carbonite fashion too:

“When I was like 12, I found a pair of postal worker uniform pants at the thrift store. Every time I wore them, I felt awesome because I had a stripe on my pant legs like Han Solo.”

Somehow, Han Solo serves as inspiration for young boys, motorcycle cops, and women in college. The moral of the story: Han Solo is universally-loved and admired.

Affiliate Manager & Guru, Alisa, admits she never really followed the Star Wars franchise but even she couldn’t escape Han Solo’s magnetism. She says:

“When I went to The Force Awakens with 12 family members at the IMAX theater, I fell asleep. I remember my brother yelling ‘sis, wake up, you gotta see this’ just as Han Solo was being pushed by Kylo Ren.”

Even non-Star Wars fans can’t make it through life without embracing the lovable scoundrel. Sleep through a Han Solo moment? Nope! A Star Wars fan will force awakens you for sure.

So, however you might remember Han Solo, there is no denying that he is a memorable and beloved character. Start getting excited about seeing him again in the upcoming Solo film release with a Design By Humans’ Han Solo tee today!


Featured Artist: JPOrmiston

Featured Artist: JPOrmiston

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