Party Like It’s Fat Tuesday: Pop Culture’s Biggest Mardi Gras Fans

Party Like It’s Fat Tuesday: Pop Culture’s Biggest Mardi Gras Fans

We’re heading into Mardi Gras season and that means it’s time to let loose, throw some beads at strangers, and indulge in all of your favorite treats.

Whether you’re heading to New Orleans for the ultimate party, or you’re just celebrating at home by eating a bowl of gumbo or a dozen donuts (you’ll give them up for Lent so it’s perfectly okay to eat them all now, right?), we want you to know that you’re in for a treat.

Mardi Gras is a celebration with a rich history, fascinating traditions, and a wonderful sense of camaraderie. However, it’s also the perfect chance to indulge in the “treat yo’ self” philosophy! And who better to celebrate with than some of pop culture’s most indulgent icons?

Get ready to head to New Orleans with the characters who are the most excited about embracing Mardi Gras this year!

1) Judge Him By His Size, Do You: Star Wars’ Jabba the Hutt

It’s time to head to a galaxy far far away to celebrate the biggest (pun intended) fan of Mardi Gras: Jabba the Hutt! Don’t let his grotesque exterior fool you though, Jabba is really all about eating healthy and staying fit. He only lets loose for the momentous Mardi Gras celebration! Um...or not!

If anyone in the Star Wars universe appreciates Mardi Gras, it is definitely Jabba the Hutt. Not only is he the epitome of gluttony (and he would happily eat anyone or at least feed them to the Rancor), you just know that he’d love the idea of getting to ride around on a float all day! Anything to avoid using his legs. Wait...his tail? Um...

2) It Means No Worries: The Lion King’s Timon & Pumbaa

We think that Disney’s Timon and Pumbaa will happily leave Pride Rock for a trip out to New Orleans this year. Mardi Gras is the ultimate celebration of their Hakuna Matata mantra after all! Not only can they eat as many grubs as they want in a delicious “grub-mbo” concoction, but Mardi Gras is the perfect place to spread their problem-free philosophy! Plus,  they can get paraded around on a float all day while they snack on bugs! That seems like a win win to us.

3) Creole Style Tacos: Marvel’s Deadpool

We know that Deadpool is the ultimate believer in the “treat yo’ self” philosophy. If he does anything, he does it big. Why eat one taco when you can eat 12? Mardi Gras — also known as Pancake Tuesday in some countries — is just the kind of holiday that speaks to Deadpool’s heart (or stomach). Any holiday where you’re supposed to go all out and eat as much as you can, party until the sun comes out, and throw things at people’s faces is the holiday for this Marvel hero. Plus, he’s already wearing a mask, so he’ll fit right in!

4) Live Long and Prosper A LOT: Star Trek’s Tribbles

Star Trek’s Tribbles are all about prospering as much as they can. It’s always more more more in the day in the life of a Tribble! Not only do they look like the perfect decoration on a parade float, but they’re also all about indulging themselves. They can’t wait to head to New Orleans to take part in the festivities! Unfortunately, Captain Kirk sent Spock as their chaperone and you just know that he won’t have a very good time...He’ll be convinced that pretty much everything about Mardi Gras is just illogical.

5) TOGA TOGA: Animal House

The brothers at Delta Tau Chi are experts when it come to throwing parties. They already have those great Toga outfits and a cake-shaped breakaway float for the occasion too! Bluto may not do a lot of things well, but he definitely doesn’t mess around when it comes to partying. Bluto is ready to rally the troops with the war cry, “when the goin' gets tough...the tough get goin'!” The infamous fraternity brothers from Animal House have been training for Mardi Gras for a long time. It’s a good thing they spent seven years in college preparing!

However you might be celebrating your Fat Tuesday this year, we hope that you take a page out of the book of one of these famous Mardi Gras fans! Hopefully, you don’t go home looking like Deadpool or Jabba the Hutt though. Ouch… Okay, you may not want to overindulge with a dozen donuts, but you can certainly treat yo’ self to a new Design By Humans style in honor of Fat Tuesday!

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Featured Artist: Kapotka

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Featured Artist: Evgenii Zhdanov