Home Sweet Home: Characters Like Spider-Man Teach You to Appreciate Home

Home Sweet Home: Characters Like Spider-Man Teach You to Appreciate Home

We’ve been warned about the dangers of straying too far from home in fables and fairy tales since we were kids. You know what happens when you leave home? You get lost in the woods, like Hansel and Gretel, and then you’re kidnapped by an old ugly hungry witch. Not even a house made of cake is worth that...

Leaving home might allow for all sorts of exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences — but, with all of the terrifying bedtime stories we’ve been told — the inner child in us can’t help but be suspicious about straying far from home. Who knows what kind of witches are out there!? I don’t think we could resist a house made of cake... We’d be doomed if we left the safety of home!

In honor of the upcoming Marvel film Spider-Man: Far From Home, let’s see what other pop culture icons might recommend staying close to home too.

1)  Vacay Mode: Spider-Man: Far From Home

In the upcoming Marvel film Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker packs up his Friendly Neighborhood Hero act and heads off on vacation. He can’t wait to take a romantic gondola ride through Venice with MJ, see the sites with his bestie, Ned, and... fight evil monster-like creatures called Elementals? Wait, huh? That’s not how vacations are supposed to work! He was supposed to be able to leave the scary dangerous stuff at home for 2 weeks.

Peter Parker might not be trapped in a cage getting fattened by an evil witch or anything, but it sure looks like leaving home resulted in some equally terrifying villains. Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Mysterio won’t take Spidey’s “I’m on vacation” answer when it comes to heading into the Multiverse with them. Plus, now he has to do it all with jet lag too! He should have just stayed at home...

2) It’s Hell Out There: Cuphead

Cuphead and his brother, Mugman, — from the popular video game, Cuphead — were living a nice quiet life on the Inkwell Isles with the wise Elder Kettle. One day — against Elder Kettle’s advice — the brothers were tempted to visit the Devil’s Casino and play a game of craps. Those silly cups shouldn’t have been so full of themselves (cup pun) and not heeded Elder Kettle’s warnings; you always listen to your elders. Have fairy tales taught them nothing?

Sure enough, the young Cuphead and Mugman lose the bet and now they owe their souls to the devil. The only way to save themselves is to battle the bosses and gather MORE souls for the big bad devil. So, they left home for one night and now they are in debt to the devil!? That’s harsh. They should have just stayed in and played video games at home instead.

3) Boldly Stay Where No One Has Stayed Before: Star Trek

There’s no denying that the Star Trek series heralded in a new era of exploration and discovery. It is by its very essence a television show dedicated to the unknown. Nonetheless — despite all of the cool aliens, impressive technology, and new discoveries — exploring space still has its dangers. In fact, the crew in the Star Trek: Voyager series literally found themselves lost in space with no foreseeable way of getting home. It’s like the ultimate “don’t stray too far from home” bedtime story!

We know that every Star Trek series — whether it is The Next Generation or The Original Series would have been far less exciting if the Captain had just beamed down into their backyard or the local supermarket, but we still believe it should be a cautionary tale about heading out into the unknown. Because... you know what’s worse than a cannibal witch who lures you into her oven with cake? How about a cannibal witch ALIEN who lures you into her oven with cake?!

4) You’ll Need 1.21 GIGAWATTS to Head Home: Back to the Future

The 1985 science fiction favorite, Back to the Future, gave us a new sort of “far from home” dilemma. Marty McFly and Doc Brown are technically “home” just not in the right year! Well, that’s confusing. Unfortunately for them though, they still run into all sorts of problems like being bullied by Biff Tannen, getting stuck in 1955, or almost never being born at all. If that is not a cautionary tale about staying home, we don’t know what is.

Plus, if you thought meeting a witch was terrifying, just imagine if you traveled back in time like Marty McFly and you inadvertently made your mom fall in love with you. Ugh, gross. That is way worse than anything else you could have run up against. If Marty had just stayed at home in his own time period, then none of this would have happened!

5) Ride the Wave Home: Finding Nemo

There’s no place like home for Pixar’s Marlin and his son, Nemo. The neurotic clownfish dad is all about staying in the limits of the Great Barrier Reef and not straying too far from home. Unfortunately for him though, Nemo sneaks off when his dad’s fins are turned and is instantly snatched up by a scuba diver. Both Nemo and Marlin must head off on a wild adventure to find their way back home.

Although Marlin and Nemo learn valuable life lessons — and make wonderful lifelong friends like Dory — there’s no doubt that their time away led them into some terrifying situations. They may not have met a wicked witch, but they did go up against sharks, jellyfish, and a dentist’s daughter and they were all nearly as bad as a hungry witch.

Don’t be too far from home this July 2nd because you won’t want to miss the opening of the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie in theaters! We promise that any hungry witches you meet along the way, won’t want to eat anyone sporting one of these awesome Marvel styles. Stay safe and grab a classic DBH Spider-Man t-shirt today to cheer on Spidey as he heads across the pond!

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