Wild Night of Camping: DBH’s Wildlife Collection

Wild Night of Camping: DBH’s Wildlife Collection

If you’ve been dreaming about sitting around the campfire or about listening to the sound of crickets while you fall asleep, then that means you have the wild outdoors on the mind.

But we think this summer vacation needs to be just a little more “wild” than your typical camping trip though. Forget about that boring old getaway to the outdoors that you have planned, because we think you should try camping the wild way with the new DBH Wildlife Collection instead!

If you want to enjoy the wild world around you, there’s no better way to do it than to just invite the wildlife to go camping with you instead. Animals like elephants, giraffes, and reindeer are way better camping buddies than that one lazy friend who just shows up without any gear and one package of hot dogs for an entire week of camping anyway. Here’s just a few of the reasons why we think you should camp the wildlife way instead:

1) They’ll Find the Perfect Campsite

If you’re a backpacker then you know the torture of trekking for hours — with all of your survival gear strapped to your sweaty back — to discover the perfect secluded spot to set up camp. Except, how much would you rather just send a scout out to find the best place for you instead? You could just sit back and enjoy a drink on a mountain top while your bird buddy (instead of that annoying Bob who won’t stop yammering on about his feet hurting) does all the work!

Plus, if you’re choosing to camp the wildlife way, then chances are you’ll have one of your good friends (maybe a rhino or a deer) to help you carry your pack too.

2) Everyone Lends a Hand (or a Trunk)

If Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs taught us anything, it’s that furry critters can be the best helpers sometimes. So instead of spending two backbreaking hours setting up camp and worrying about if you made the tent right, just call on your wildlife friends for a little assistance instead!

You just know that a giraffe would be able to reach the best spot to tie your hammock and an elephant would be mighty helpful in setting up your tent! How many times have you thought, “this would have been easier with more hands?” Problem solved! Now you have two hands plus a trunk! And an elephant’s trunk can store up to 4 liters of water too, so it’s just like having your very own running water in camp! Double win.

3) Fully Stocked Camping Buddies

You know how you spend every camping trip agonizing over what food to bring or if there will be enough food to feed everyone for a week in the wilderness?

Well, if you set up camp with a bunch of wild animals instead, then you’ll never have to worry about that again!

Your animal camping buddies can all fend for themselves and they won’t need to steal any of your coveted snacks. Plus, they’d probably know all the best spots to get the tastiest berries or the coolest fishing holes too.

And, you just know that they’d be able to rough it and won’t spend the whole trip whining about sleeping on the ground either!

4) Built in Bodyguards

Every campsite is covered in “Beware of Bear” signs or reminders to lock your food up in bear food boxes after you’re finished eating. Except... instead of stressing about unwanted bear visitors, why don’t you just try inviting them over for dinner instead?

You don’t have to worry about bears if you’re voluntarily camping with them, right? Sit back and roast marshmallows with some of your bears buddies or just get a good night’s sleep knowing that no one will ransack your campsite if you have a tiger standing guard.

Who’s gonna mess with you when you’ve got bodyguards like bears and tigers?!

5) They Make the Best Camping Memories

Camping in the great outdoors is all about making memories and we promise that camping with a bunch of animals is no different. Just imagine the movie Animal House except with actual animals!

You’ll be up all night sharing stories or howling at the Moon with this group of party animals. And they’re probably really good at making animal hand shadow puppets or all the creepy sound effects for the ghost stories too.

And then when you are finally ready to go to bed, you can fall asleep with an adorable fox curled up on your feet to keep you warm.

If you’re not sold on camping with assorted wildlife, then don’t fret because you can still enjoy your favorite adorable animals without any actual face to face meetings with them by checking out a style from the new DBH Wildlife Collection! Or, if that doesn’t satisfy your “wild” fix then check out the DBH Summer Camp Collection and Great Outdoors Collection too! Everyone should enjoy the summer the DBH way with a fun new tee, tank, or hoodie.

Featured Artist: Pa3ck

Featured Artist: Pa3ck

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