Featured Artist: FoxShiver

Featured Artist: FoxShiver

1) Where are you currently living? Is there a place you would like to move?

I don't have a permanent place to live. Everywhere feels temporary. I am in Europe and I prefer cold places like Norway and Sweden.

2) What are the greatest struggles/obstacles to your creative process? How do you navigate them?

Not finishing stuff I started. I work on something for 50 hours, then get fed up with it, throw it away, and start something new. There's no way to deal with it other than accept that that's how I work.

 3) What is your greatest accomplishment? Why?

I believe my greatest accomplishment is still in my future. For now, I am content to be able to make a living as an artist. My parents still doubt I can actually afford food and every two weeks I get a care package from them.

4) How do you balance your personal life and creative endeavors?

Not successfully, I can tell you that. I sometimes sit in my room and draw for days or weeks without any contact with other humans aside from pizza delivery guys.

5) Who do you think is a visionary? Why?

Elon Musk. Wish I could afford a Tesla one day.

6) If we traded places, what is the one thing I should know about you?

Don't trade places with me unless you don't mind being alone a lot.

7) If your artwork was edible, what would it taste like? Why?

I am thinking: water. It doesn't have a taste but some days it's what you like and some days you want something else. Maybe all art is like that.

8 Imagine that you built a time machine and it is the year 2035. What do you think your art will look like? How do you think your art will have changed?

I hope my 2035 art looks very different than my 2019 art. Waaaay different. So different that it could just as well be made by another artist. I would hate to see that I just kept creating the same stuff over and over for years and decades even, never trying new things, forever staying in my comfort zone.

 9) How do you know when your art is finished (if ever)?

When I look at my art and don't see anything that needs to be changed then I think it's finished. But the feeling never lasts.

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Send a Postcard from San Diego Comic-Con 2019

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