How to Celebrate the Best Doggone National Dog Day

How to Celebrate the Best Doggone National Dog Day

With National Dog Day (August 26th) fast approaching, we’re prepping to spoil our dogs (more than we usually do) and overuse all the dog puns.

As dog owners, we understand that our dogs worship us. If our furry friends could talk, they’d probably use corny pick-up lines like “it must have hurt to fall from Heaven” except that they’d genuinely believe it’s true. Because to a dog, you really are the most magical creature on the planet.

Celebrate your dog on National Dog Day by letting him do all of his favorite things. And, we’re not just talking about a trip to the dog park either! Your dog makes 364 days about you, so now is your chance to go really big for one special day. Get ready to call in to work “sick” because you have a busy day ahead of you!

1.       Eat Breakfast in Bed

It’s a win-win situation. You get to stay/eat in bed; plus, you’ll definitely blow your dog’s mind. Snuggles AND waffles at the same time? Best. Day. Ever.

2.       Watch Homeward Bound with Your Dog

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll never stop imagining that your dog’s “thinking voice” is Michael J. Fox.

3.       Home-Cooked Treats

We know that you already sneak food off your plate for your dog when no one is looking, but — on National Dog Day — you should cook for your dog too! Make her favorite dish or buy one of those fancy dog cakes just for her. Everyone deserves a cake on their special day.

4.       Massage & Salon

Whether it’s an actual fancy dog spa with paw-dicures or you’re just going to brush your dog until your hand cramps, make sure that your pooch can strut his stuff on the catwalk (er... dog walk).

5.       Water (Pretty Much Any Kind)

It doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean, a lake, or just a muddy puddle in your backyard because your dog is going to love it either way. A wet dog is a happy dog (unless it’s a bath... which is one of life’s most perplexing mysteries).

6.       Ride in a Convertible 

Your dog loves to go on car rides and hang his head out of the window, right? Go get yourself a convertible for the day and make the entire car an “open window” for him! Plus, it means you get to drive a convertible for a day.

7.       Nap Time

Your dog loves to sleep with his feet in your face. Give him the chance to do it more often.

8.       Doggy Ice-Cream

Find a dog-friendly ice-cream cone or a tasty pupsicle; watching a dog eat ice-cream is what dreams are made of.

9.       Dog Paw-rty 

Dogs love other dogs. So, invite all of your friends with dogs over and then put tiny pointy hats on them!

10.   Dig Holes

Get into that hole digging hobby that your dog loves so much. Then bury some stuff in the hole. It’s that simple. Your dog will go bananas.

11.   Enjoy a “Yappy Hour”

Dog-friendly restaurants love to throw “Yappy Hours” to mingle with other canine cuties and enjoy tasty dog treats. Or, you can just stay in together and gossip over martinis (or water in a martini glass for your pooch) and have your own version of a yappy hour. Did you see what Susan was wearing today? Pawstively awful!

12.   Lady and the Tramp Dinner

Find the restaurant that inspired the Lady and the Tramp movie and then GO THERE! It’s your chance to take your dog out to a delicious Italian dinner!

Just imagine how your dog will be telling “tails” of the best day of his life for years to come! Celebrate your favorite furry friend this National Dog Day with a funny DBH dog t-shirt or maybe even two DBH dog t-shirts so that you can match each other!

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