Arrggg Matey, What’s Your Pirate Zodiac Sign?

Arrggg Matey, What’s Your Pirate Zodiac Sign?

In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th), we can’t wait to channel our inner pirate at the DBH office! It’s the one day of the year when we can walk around wildly waving our hook hand (without getting weird looks) or demand that annoying coworkers “walk the plank”!

And — while we’re channeling our inner pirate today — we can’t wait to uncover buried treasure likes these arrr-mazing pirate horoscopes! The Pirate Astrological Calendar — created centuries ago by swashbuckling pirates as they sailed the seven seas (or maybe a little more recently by a roomful of DBH “Talk Like a Pirate Day” fans enjoying some grog) — is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday! Hoist your sails and set out to discover the pirate zodiac sign that awaits you:

1. Kraken (January 20 - February 18)

Scallywags born in the month of the Kraken are bold, adventurous, and fiercely independent. No Kraken can resist the allure of a pirate’s ship or the excitement of climbing aboard some unlucky vessel to make (or eat) some new friends.

Try telling a Kraken to stay buried deep in the ocean depths… because they’ll just do the exact opposite! A Kraken may only have slimy tentacles but — if they have anything to say about it — they’ll be watching the world perched high atop a pirate’s ship in no time.

2. Compass (February 19 - March 20)

The salty seadog born under the symbol of the Compass is a trustworthy, honest, and steadfast soul. A Compass moon makes for a reliable friend (who will always tell a fellow pirate the truth like “that peg leg does NOT go with your outfit”) and is also someone who knows exactly where they are headed and what they want out of life.

People gravitate to Compass signs and even hope that they will point them in the right direction, give them some good advice, or show them a better path to take in the future.

3. Parrot (March 21 - April 19)

Any scurvy knaves born in the month of the Parrot are courageous, energetic, and crave the excitement of the unknown. Don’t be fooled by their brightly colored plumage though, because a Parrot is not afraid to get her wings dirty.

Only a Parrot would willingly head out to sea (with no coconut trees in sight) to travel the world on the shoulders of some scurrilous pirate. And — just remember — never make an enemy of a Parrot because they know all the secrets and will happily share them if they’re ever forced to say, “Polly want a cracker” all day long.

4. Megalodon (April 20 - May 20)

Ah, any rapscallion born in the month of the Megalodon is playful, determined, and extremely loyal. Just like the Megalodon in Sea of Thieves, someone born under the Megalodon astrological sign can appear intimidating at first glance (okay we’re lying, they’re always scary) and they’ll knock a few pirates into the sea if they’re upset, but they can also just be big ol’ softies underneath it all!

Forget about those sharp teeth because a Megalodon is a loyal “friend” who will follow a ship for miles (no matter how hard the crew might try to lose them…).

5. Mermaid (May 21 - June 20)

All those born under the sign of the Mermaid are adaptable, expressive, and can learn new things quickly! A Mermaid can thrive in any environment and will take to any situation like a fish to water.

However, be wary of the Mermaid because they are not always what they first appear! It may sound like they’re singing a beautiful siren’s call, but you may just find yourself in deep (deep blue…) trouble if you aren’t cautious with these tricky signs.

6. Jolly Roger (June 21 - July 22)

A lad or lassie born under the Jolly Roger sign is sure to be a natural born leader! Fellow pirates will follow a Jolly Roger across the seven seas because they are drawn to their charisma, confidence, and irresistible charm.

Be warned though… a Jolly Roger may promise a life of adventure or buried treasures, but there will also be unforeseen dangers for all those who fall under the spell of a Jolly Roger…

7.  Tempest (July 23 - August 22)

A scoundrel born under the Tempest symbol is sure to be a passionate, mysterious, and unpredictable sailor. A Tempest’s strength and power is impressive (and will really blow people away) but it should never be underestimated!

A true Tempest prides themselves on their ability to constantly transform and regenerate the world around them. Plus, a Tempest lives and loves with a gale-force strength that is irresistible to fellow pirates.

8. Anchor (August 23 - September 22)

The ruffians who are born under the sign of the Anchor are practical, hardworking, and unwavering in their commitment to the truth.

A true Anchor is always able to stay grounded, remain on course, and help others avoid the chaos of an unexpected encounter. They can, however, also be known for their “heavy” outlook on life and may on occasion need a friend to pull them out from the depths of their despair.

9. Telescope (September 23 - October 22)

Any daring pirate born under the sign of the Telescope is idealistic, committed, and is always focused on the horizon. A Telescope astrological sign can achieve anything; they can find their way anywhere once they’ve set their sights on a goal.

Also, a Telescope hates when something is “out of focus” and they will do anything to remedy the situation.

10. Monkey (October 23 - November 21)

Any buccaneer born under the Monkey sign is mischievous, intelligent, and curious. There’s nothing that a Monkey can’t achieve if they put their mind to it!

Steal Blackbeard’s pocket watch? No problem! Sneak into the den of rival pirates and transmit the info back to your crew? Sign him up!

A Monkey thrives on adventure (and bananas) and is a perfect travel companion for any wild adventure where you need a level-head or someone with the ability to hang upside down.

11. Manatee (November 22 - December 21)

The biscuit-eater born during a Manatee moon cycle is philosophical, graceful, and can glide through life with ease and confidence. However, one should never take a Manatee out of their comfort zone or they may begin to feel restless, uneasy, or will end up waddling through life.

Also, beware the Manatee because he or she is full of secrets and can convince anyone to follow their harebrained schemes (like persuading sailors that a real manatee is a beautiful mermaid).

12. Golden Chicken (December 22 - January 19)

Similar to in Sea of Thieves, the Golden Chicken is a highly sought-after and desirable symbol that indicates a lifetime of wealth and prosperity.

Although a Golden Chicken might be underestimated (it is a bird that can’t fly after all), fellow pirates will do anything to befriend someone born in the cycle of the Golden Chicken because they’re known for their ability to bring luck and fortune to all they know.

Now that you know your inner pirate personality, you can celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day the right way! Check out how Sea of Thieves is celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day here or check out the DBH Sea of Thieves FanShop to get the best loot on the seven seas!

You’ll need to find the perfect pirate outfit or DBH pirate t-shirt to pair with your new vocab as you walk the plank of life today! Or — if you were born in the cycle of the Telescope — then you’ll probably want to plan your Halloween costume for the holiday season!

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Featured Artist: TokyoStrange

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