4 Collective Artists that WOW Us

Igo2Cairo, a Design By Humans native, has been a member of the website since it first launched in 2007. His phenomenal imagination brings fairy-tales and dreams to life in a unique vintage style. His artwork opens our minds and tells us stories of other worlds where the impossible is possible and there'€™s no limit to what can be. Let Igo2Cairo take you away and view his artwork in his collective store.

Soltib, an illustrator from Hungary, is a master of the fine line and expert attention to detail. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my are his animal portraits impressive. The lion no longer seems so wild bundled up in a knitted cap; the furry beast is seen in a new light. Soltib'€™s animals are portrayed in humanistic situations that make us grin! Find more of Soltib'€™s art in his collective store.

BeastPop brings an evil twist to the sweet and sugary themes of our childhood. I imagine if someone were to fall asleep after eating too many unhealthy snacks, BeastPop'€™s art would appear in their nightmares. This photoshop beast incorporates vibrant colors and some comic book & street art style into his renderings. Take a look at more of his wild artwork here.

There'€™s something very soothing about AgainstBound'€™s artworks; they encompass serenity and balance that is pleasing to the eye. He constantly uses a cool and calm color palette in is art. AgainstBound has also been a member of Design By Humans since 2007, and we'€™re excited to see his artwork in a collective store.

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