Announcing Official Star Wars/DBH Apparel!!

Believe it, you must.

Finally happened, it has.

The force is strong with DBH this month. So strong, in fact, that we'€™ve travelled about a billion parsecs and done some major negotiating with Jabba, and now we are super excited to announce'€¦ OFFICIALLY LICENSED Star Wars'„¢ and Lucasfilm Apparel!!! As anyone interested in art or Star Wars will tell you, this epic collaboration is a major opportunity for the artists of DBH, and for anyone who is a fan of what is arguably the best movie franchise in history.

Just to get your wookie wet, we'€™ve compiled a few of our initial run of designs, all featuring the intergalactic baddies from the Dark Side and beyond. These are official licensed designs with enough swag for even the scruffiest looking nerf-herder. Enjoy!

Hunter Starwars Design
Hunter by jimiyo
DBH Artist since 2008

The Mandalorian man of mystery. The bad-boy bounty hunter of a Jedi'€™s worst nightmares. Boba Fett- he'€™s probably the coolest (and most conflicted) genetically unaltered clone/bounty hunter in the galaxy. Jimiyo brings the legend to life with his design featuring bright colors and a bold brush work style. Pick one up for your next trip through the Sarlacc pit!

Visit Jimiyo'€™s store:

Samuri Storm Trooper
Samurai Trooper by Hydro74
DBH Artist since 2010

Long before Palpatine and Vader, the Stormtroopers took their cues from an evil shogun bent on intergalactic domination. Featuring amazing detail and perfect line work, this design from Hydro74 imagines a bygone era where samurais and Stormtroopers were one in the same. As if the blasters and white armor weren'€™t scary enough'€¦ let'€™s add in a dash of hyper-loyal and deadly feudal warriors to the mix, mmkay?

Visit Hydro74'€™s store:

Starwars Storm Trooper Helmet
Stormtrooper by Kdeuce
DBH Artist since 2008

Ahh the life of an imperial Stormtrooper. Sure they enjoy putting down a local rebel insurrection or two - gotta'€™ keep the troops sharp and the Empire feared, am I right? Show your support for your favorite faceless legions of blindly obedient soldiers by sporting this awesome piece from Kdeuce. This IS the design you have been looking for'€¦ SE-14r light repeating blaster sold separately.

Visit Kdeuce'€™s store:

Starwars Clone Trooper
Clone Trooper by Fourscore
DBH Artist since 2011

"A weapon they are. Obey orders without question for good or ill. For now they fight for us. Who is to say what the future holds?" I'€™ll tell you what the future holds - its lasers'€¦lots of '€˜em. It'€™s a full on blaster crossfire and Mr. Clonetrooper has found himself smack in the middle. Featuring vivid color, supercool line work and great shading, Fourscore busts out a design worthy of the only the finest of eighth-grade notebook covers. Grab one before the rebels take over! *Pew Pew*

Visit Fourscore'€™s store:

Super Exclusive Secret Bonus Content:
We know you'€™ve always wondered how DBH artists manage to cram so much awesome into their designs'€¦ well look no further! Here'€™s a quick glimpse of the magic that went into the making of '€œThe Hunter'€ by Jimiyo:

Hunter Starwars Design

Not the designs you are looking for? No worries, check out our newly-opened DBH Star Wars Store here:

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