Art & Inspiration Straight from the Streets

Art & Inspiration Straight from the Streets

Street art is a form of graffiti but is also appreciated as a form of modern art. Though many still believe it to be vandalism and paint over it the minute it shows up on the walls of their establishments, many appreciate its beauty and, in the case of Banksy, preserve it with plexiglass for all to admire. T-shirt design often exhibits street art-style attributes, and street art itself is a great outlet to look to for design inspiration.

Street Art Inspired Designs

Limited Edition - Retro TV Colour Test Man by LukeBatten Retro Colour Test Man brings homage to street-art style design and the classic cut-out stencil. This design seems to symbolize a society brainwashed by technology and the media. Banksy often uses similar cut-out stencil techniques in his artwork, and delivers equally substantial messages relevant to our society.

Everything in my Head by Eyesore427 This skeletal street artist is overflowing with creativity and ideas. The figures spewing from his noggin are reminiscent of doodle-filled notebooks and urban character street art. The somewhat animated abstract characters in this design can be compared to the characters by street artist D*Face.

Seasons Doodle by Wotto This design is a small wearable mural of street-art style characters representing seasons, weather, and robots? These unique characters could be compared to the artistic styling of street artist Buff Monster. Vibrant characters can really brighten up a bare city wall.

Panda Drip by Dzeri29 This panda seems to have been literally spray painted onto the t-shirt with paint still dripping from his eyes and ears. I commend Dzeri29 for managing to digitally produce an image that seemingly sits and drips on a wall right in front of me; i can almost smell the fresh paint.

Street Art Superheroes who Inspire Design

Banksy is a widely-known modern street artist whose art delivers satirical yet powerful messages to the public. He is famous, yet chooses to remain anonymous. His artwork often consists of images produced from cut-out stencils incorporating black and white paint with some accent colors here and there; often red. His design styles have shown up in many recent popular T-shirt designs, as he is a powerful artistic inspiration. His clever images express to the world what words alone could not.

Buff Monster melts delicious monster ice cream characters all over public city walls. he uses bright and eye-catching colors; pinks and bright greens, teals and neon orange to bring a little fun to the world for the public to enjoy. His characters are cute and possibly a little creepy, and absolutely delicious.

Upon hearing his name, you might think that D*Face does just that, defaces properties and the walls in the city streets. However, the art that D*Face produces is a bright and uplifting sight in the otherwise dull gray humdrum of dismal buildings and bleak factories.

ETAM CRU'€™s work has a unique distinction from the usual street art look. Artists Sainer and Betz use the sides of bare buildings as canvases to produced incredibly detailed realistic and surreal portraits of common people in uncommon situations. Their perfect blending of colors and use of highlights and shading make their artwork very aesthetically pleasing.

Check out our new Street Art T-Shirt Category and look to your local street artists for more design inspiration!

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