Artist Spotlight: Bioworkz Video Feature

elephant detailed tshirt tee design art bioworkzBen Kwok aka Bioworkz hails from Los Angeles and has been a fixture in the online art market for some time. If he'€™s not designing best-selling T shirt graphics for Lucky Brand or Converse, he's probably head down, pen to the paper in his studio. Bioworkz' patterns are captivating and they inspire hundreds of people from all over the world to tattoo his art on their bodies. But even with an exploding fan base and increasing demand for his art, Bioworkz maintains a humble demeanor. Maybe it's his connection to the flow state that effortlessly paves his path to success. We decided to invade his space in an attempt to find out just what is it that makes his illustrations so compelling.

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red tail skull hawk detial unique tshirt tee bioworkz great horned owl tee pattern color tshirt tee skull tee bioworkz
tiger jungle rose floral old style tattoo bioworkz skull tee tshirt red pattern detailed illustation bioworkz

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