Cat Shirts Hit the Internet Trends Hard

Cat t-shirt design is growing and developing, and often incorporates pop culture. As we've all seen from endless hours of getting lost within the depths of YouTube, cats have been a prominent figure in pop culture. Lions have been popular in t-shirt design as well as other large cats, and recently adorable and funny domestic cats have blown up in the world of popular culture. This has absolutely reflected in t-shirt design on Design By Humans. In our Cat t-shirt collection we have 58 cat shirts ranging from Lions to Tigers to radical galaxy-print space kitties. So, why does the internet love cats? Because they're cute? Because they're not cute? No one knows, maybe it started with Keyboard Cat. Cats prevail on the internet and in pop culture, and I can only imagine and increase in cat-related t-shirt design. Cats rule! Save 10% on all t-shirts until September 27th with coupon code: CATalyst

Awesome Cat Shirts

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Famous Cats in Pop Culture Keyboard Cat
Keyboard cat is a classic internet sensation. Filmed in 1984, this home video could have been the source of the internet's obsession with cats. If you haven't watched this video, it's a must. This cat is one of the most talented cat-pianists I've seen yet. How does he do it?

Nyan Cat
Nyan cat is another pop culture internet classic. The original video was uploaded to YouTube on April 5th of 2011 and has since received over 100 million views. Enjoy a harmonic melody of angelic sounds that will sooth your ears and calm your soul. Nyan cat is one of the most prominent figures in popular culture with a website, Facebook, Twitter and merch store. I don't know when that cat has time to tweet with all that nyan.

Business Cat Meme
An internet meme is an image or symbol used to represent and spread an idea from one person to another in popular culture, often via the internet. Business cat is your everyday commuter, working the 8-5 shift. A desk job can be tiresome for a cat, even after 14 hours of sleep.

Hipster Cat Meme
There's this hipster cat meme; you've probably never heard of it, it's pretty underground. This meme is just too cool. Look at a few of the top hipster cat memes if you want. I saw them all before they went on the internet.

Grumpy Cat
Cat's with beautiful deformities have become increasingly popular in pop culture. Who wouldn't love a face like that? Grumpy cat has grown so popular in our culture she has her own cornucopia of merchandise from t-shirts to coffee mugs and has an enormous following on the internet and social media platforms. Don't let that adorable frown fool you! Grumpy cat is a sweetheart and will warm your heart.

Lil Bub
No, Lil Bub is not making fun of you. The adorable kitty's tongue is always sticking out because she's a bit short on teeth, but who needs those! She's adorable and is the perfect cat: she will always look like a kitten! Lil Bub has appeared on Good Morning America, as well as Today and the View. We can't seem to get enough of that sweet little face!

Hamilton the Hipster Cat
Moustaches have also taken a large presence in popular culture. From moustache necklaces to wallets, stick-on moustaches and even moustache embellished clothing, moustaches are a hot trent. But, a cat with a perfect moustache? Hamilton the Hipster Cat could be the poster child (cat) for pop culture.

Inbread Cat
Inbread Cat is in bread. And he's not the only one! Since this hilarious image was birthed into the internet, people have made many attempts to create an inbread cat, but nothing will ever be as hilarious as the original that shocked the internet with such supreme silliness.

Princess Monster Truck
Princess Monster Truck is one of the most beautiful cats in Pop Culture. A princess with edge, she has an enormous internet following. She has her own website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. Now what I really want to know is, how do these cats manage so many accounts without opposable thumbs? Talented, talented pop culture celebrities.

Cats seem to rule the internet and pop culture. Will we be seeing more cats in t-shirt design if this healthy cat obsession continues? I sure hope so. I only own four cat t-shirts. I can't continue to wear the same four t-shirts every four days for the rest of my life. People are starting to notice. Shop more cat shirts here!

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