Coffee Shop Art: A Great Way to Get Discovered

Coffee Shop Art: A Great Way to Get Discovered

Displaying art in coffee shops can be beneficial for artists and businesses alike. The publicity an artist will gain through displaying their art in a coffee shop will help them to get noticed and establish a name for themselves in the art industry. Art creates liveliness within a coffee shop and an enjoyable environment for customers. Many people visit coffee shops, day and night, enjoying art as they sip their freshly brewed coffee or tea.

Many coffee shops accept young aspiring artists to display and sell their artwork at a low commission or free of cost, an easy outlet for artists to showcase their art for the first time. Displaying artwork in galleries can cost a hefty fee that many '€˜starving artists'€™ cannot afford. Art galleries tend to be somewhat exclusive, difficult to access, and make the displaying artwork a difficult and extensive process. However, the public displaying of artwork is an important aspect of the artistic process, helping artists gain support and encouragement regarding their artistic abilities and urging them to continue creating. While it is an honor to have your own professional gallery show, a coffee shop showcase is beneficial for artists just getting started. Coffee shops stay open longer during the day and produce a broader variety of publicity, with unique and unbiased tastes in art.

One young, aspiring artist has found it especially helpful to display his artwork in local coffee shops. Jon Hatcher has his art displayed in a coffee shop in his hometown, and is still able to gain recognition and even compensation for his artwork while he is out of state. His painting featured above is his unique tribute to the Beatles.

Coffee shop art is a gateway for aspiring artists to gain publicity and move forward in the art world. We sat down with some aspiring artists in our community and they had interesting stories to tell. Meet Amelia LaMar, a curator for a downtown restaurant and cafe in Chico, California called Broadway Heights.

Amelia LaMar

Art Director at Broadway Heights

Amelia LaMar is a talented and passionate painter, entirely self-taught. Displaying her art on the walls of local businesses has helped her to develop a reputation as a successful artist. As the Art Director and Curator at Broadway Heights, she interacts with local artists and displays their art on the brick walls of the very popular restaurant, where they can be admired and purchased. She has recently been hired to teach art at orphanages in India and Nepal. To help fund her upcoming trips, Amelia will be selling and raffling off paintings on her Facebook page. With a raffle, by spending a small amount of money, anyone has a chance to win a beautiful painting worth up to $500 or more!

Amelia considers art her main aspiration in life. She believes that it is incredibly important in today'€™s society.

'€œArt directly mirrors the times, and has the ability to show a person'€™s perspective on the human condition. If people can relate to art, than it is successful. That is a gift.'€

More information on Amelia LaMar can be found at her website and Facebook page

Cierra Goldstein

Designer and Photographer

Cierra Goldstein is an artist, designer and photographer from Chico, California. A recent graduate from California State University, Chico, she is currently participating in a two-week CSU Summer Arts course in Monterey, California on Digital Documentary Photography. She has received a partial scholarship from both the CSU Summer Arts program and CSU Chico. The photos featured were taken in Santa Cruz, California, and are a beautiful representation of how Cierra sees Santa Cruz. A talented photographer, she shows us the city from a unique and artistic perspective.

Coffee shops are art exhibits for artists seeking a reputation in the art world. To become a reputable artist, the first step is to create a name for yourself. You already have the passion within you, the creative drive and the ability to express yourself. If you are interested in having you artwork displayed in a coffee shop, approach the idea with confidence and you will succeed.

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