Day In The Life Of DBH Staff: Josh

What's it like to be a part of the design team at Design By Humans? Do we torture our employees or do we shower them in gold and jewels? How's the REAL magic happen?! Find out in our brand new "Day In The Life Series" (DITLO): DBH Staff. This week we stalk Josh, DBH Photographer and Photoshop Samurai...

First things first, what are some of your favorite DBH T-Shirt Designs?

There's two tees I'm really into right now:

create or die hydro74 black and white one color typography vector design tshirt tee create or die hydro74 black and white one color typography vector design tshirt tee

Create or Die by Nikoby
I'm a long time Nikoby fan, he has an awesome ornate style that is the perfect mix of detail and symmetry. However this design is a departure from what we expect from him, it's bold, vicious and in your face.

mountain of madness againstbound art tee geometric tshirt tee nature mountain mountain of madness againstbound art tee geometric tshirt tee nature mountain

Mountain of Madness by Against Bound
Honestly, If I could only wear tees from one artist store, I'd choose AgainstBound. He has a style that is totally unique, the art is subtle, but at the same time has a depth to it that is usually missing in minimal and geometric designs.

So What'€™s It Like To Be The DBH Photoshop Samurai?

7:00 AM Rise & Shine! Time to get up and seize the day'€¦or hit the snooze button. The snooze button always wins.

7:10 AM Ok, no more excuses. I'€™m up and getting ready, just one thing is missing'€¦ COFFEE! Before heading to the office I'€™m gonna get a cup of coffee big enough to swim in! Where are my keys?

7:30 AM After finally locating my keys I'€™m ready to take on the world. I high five my dogs and head to the office, just gotta make a quick stop and grab some more coffee to maximize productivity.

8:00 AM I'€™m at DBH headquarters, checking emails and reviewing current projects. Rabid debates are commonplace at DBH. Even though it'€™s early in the morning, the design and development team are already passionately discussing key points of science, technology and superheroes.

8:30 AM Team meeting, when our forces combine'€¦ and the magic happens!

9:00 AM Time to knock out some graphics and talk with the creative director about featured content for the next newsletter.

9:30 AM Time to pick some shirts to feature in the newsletter, but with so many, how do we choose? We print a miniature version of each new design and stick '€˜em to a giant dartboard. Next we take turns wearing a blindfold and throwing darts until we'€™ve filled all available slots. So far the injuries have been minimal.

10:00 AM Connect with Megan, the master wordsmith about the next blog and develop a set of graphics for the next topic.

11:00 AM Break ground on the newsletter, grab content from the website. Browse libraries for background textures and model shots that really help make the content pop!

12:00 PM Break for lunch! Gotta run home and feed the dogs.

1:00 PM Back in action and this newsletter isn'€™t gonna make it self. I resume structuring the content and adding new elements to really make it sing!

3:00 PM I head over to the photo studio and set up to take some product shots. Dial in the camera settings and'€¦ no memory card. Not to worry, I'€™ve got a backup in the camera bag.

4:00 PM Now to find some models to wear these fine garments, first I look through my contacts and ask my awesome co-workers if they know anyone that wants to be famous. I also check, craigslist, and the county jail.

5:30 PM Follow up on any remaining emails and head home. I got some new tees which I'€™ll be taking home with me. As usual they'€™re packed in a briefcase that'€™s handcuffed to my arm.

6:00 PM The dogs are bouncing off the walls! Time to head to the park for some fetch.

7:00 PM Now that the dogs are wiped out, it'€™s my turn for some exercise. It'€™s kettlebell day so I can expect to be sore tomorrow.

8:30 PM I'€™m cleaned up and ready to unwind by working on some illustrations. Sometimes I use the Wacom, but it'€™s hard to beat the classic pencil and paper.

11:30 PM Bed time, I drift to sleep with visions of amazing art being printed onto the highest quality clothing'€¦ and beer, I also think about swimming in a giant swimming pool filled with beer.

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