Day In The Life Of DBH Staff: Katya

What's it REALLY like to be a part of the Design By Humans workforce? Do we force our employees to wear orange jumpsuits or do we let them dress like the Kardashians? Do ANY of us have a sense of humor?! Find out in this week's "Day In The Life Series" (DITLO): DBH Staff. This week we follow Katya, our Social Media Commander.

Day in the life: Katya, DBH Social Media Commander

Day in the life: Katya aka Social Media Commander I'€™ll be honest, I found DBH through Craigslist while job hunting. I'€™d heard of them before since my friend modeled for them in the past, but when I found out they were hiring a Social Media Manager I truly started researching them. By the time I'€™d looked into what they offer I was already pretty ready to apply. Then I saw this DBH was partnered with EvilGeniuses and Alliance and my fate was sealed.

Since you guys don'€™t know me I'€™ll fill you in on a little something. I am '€œin'€ to video games. I mean really into video games. is on more often than Netflix at my house. And, I am a huge EG fangirl.
So we had:
1. Interesting Company - Check
2. Offering the exact position I wanted - Check
3. Working in the gaming industry - Done.
And the rest is history.

So far working with DBH has been absolutely amazing. I get to work with artists from all over the world, my coworkers are fantastic and I get to fan girl out when Anna Prosser, Justin Wong or Trihex interact with us.

Seriously though, pretty sure I had the world'€™s goofiest grin on my face when Jeff told me we were going to TI4 in Seattle. I only *just* managed to restrain myself from jumping up and down like a 4 year old who is about to be given candy. Meeting all the other EG fans while giving out shirts and hanging out with Anna, Ayesee and EGMachine at Key Arena was definitely one of the high points of my year thus far.

What are some of your favorite Design By Humans designs?

Shroom Me Up Jelly by TAOJB
A Jellyfish girl plus a star trek reference in the title. How could I *not* love this.

Forest Guardian by JonHabens
This has been deemed by the office as "my snail". I love him. He is perfect. He has the place of honor above my bed.

Mount Awesome by Captain_Ribman
Oh captains my captains. Except I'm totally a Picard girl, but don't tell Kirk that.

So, What's It Like To Be Katya?

8:00 am I've already been awake for three hours. HAH, not.
I am not what people would consider a 'morning person'. But at least by now I'm about out my front door and headed to the coffee shop. If I'm *really* late that day I'll run into my boss Kevin there. He's not a morning person either.
8:30 am
Social never sleeps. But I do, so first things first is to see what Twitter and Facebook have been doing while I've been away. I try and answer every question (yes that would be me you're all talking to) and retweet every fan photo (Thank you guys for those by the way we love them!)

9:00 am Now that we're caught up, it's time to write some posts. Which means it's also time for my daily artist hunt.
Dear Artists, I would love you even more than I do now if you'd all take a second to fill out your Social Media Account info. XOXO - Your Friendly DBH Cyber Stalker.

10:15 am Message from Cassie: I need to name all the game references in a Game Of Thrones mashup design. Can you help?

*cracks knuckles*
Message from Katya:


11:00 am Posts are scheduled, but I'll be checking up on Twitter and Facebook all day. For now, it's time to delve into the deep dark world of Facebook advertising. My mission is to get our designs out to our current fans, and to new potential fans. First I prepare for battle with the infamous Power Editor. This thing is a maze of campaigns, ad sets, budgeting, targeting, optimizing, click through rates and reports. It's a bit of a monster, but can do some really incredible things once it's been tamed.

Food time! Burger? Bacon Mac? Why choose?

1:00 pm Overly stuffed - I REGRET NOTHING - it's meeting time. I chat with our Facebook Rep about ad campaigns and stutter through my embarrassment when I don't know any of the football references he's making. Bonus, apparently he plays Call of Duty so he's not entirely a lost cause.

1:30 pm Clarify that THIS is *not* a dog dressed as Boba Fett. Check Twitter.

2:15 pm Then it's off to chat with Jeff and Sage about Blizzcon, bug them both about when we'll be getting new EG Jerseys in (SOON GUYS I PROMISE) and discuss what new products we're planning for the next few months.
3:00 pm Explain why Totoro designs should not be tagged as "bunny".
Teach someone how to say my name. It's like "Caught-yuh", not "KAT-ya" or "CAT-ia"...or "Kat-chaya" - I don't know where that one comes from.
3:45 pm Now for one of my favorite parts of the day, free stuff! I announce a mystery box giveaway and contact the winners of our previous contest.

4:00 pm Megan: Is the ship called Serenity or Firefly?

Me: The Serenity, but see its a Firefly Class*** Transport Ship, mostly outdated but still used by Illegal Salvagers and the like'€¦

***Point where Megan's eyes glaze over and I realize I've lost her.

4:30 pm Time to start wrapping things up. I finish off a few contest or sale proposals, check up on some streamers we're working with and make sure I have everything set to keep social running while I'm gone for the night.

5:00 pm Closing time! I rinse out my coffee cup, water my plant - it's looking slightly less dead today - gather up my stuff and make sure I have the work phone with its snazzy new case.

I'm met at home by my boyfriend Tanner who has made dinner, cleaned the apartment and bought me flowers and chocolates. I'm kidding, he's playing Skyrim. We'll debate dinner options for the next hour before one of us eventually decides on something.

8:00 pm Dinner has been prepared, eaten and if we were good, cleaned up. If it's a weeknight, maybe I'll run some rifts with Sage or play League with Tanner. If it's a weekend, we'll meet up with friends at Duffy's for drinks and some friendly (read: vicious and competitive) games of Midnight Dice to see who buys the next round.

11:30 pm I keep telling myself it's time for bed. But there are so many show to watch and games to play. I must valiantly sacrifice my precious sleeping time so that I can assist my fellow coworkers in accurately tagging all the new artwork coming in. It truly is an act of pure selflessness. Truly.

Midnight...ish. Ideally I'm actually in bed now. I'll check Twitter one last time. Make sure the Worlds stream is set low enough that when they start screaming about stolen Barons they won't wake me up. I'll watch the rebroadcast tomorrow during lunch.
And I'm out.

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