DBH Global Artists: Canada

This week's featured Global Artists are from the country Canada. The extremely vast and beautiful nation of Canada borders on three oceans and spans seven time zones. At 3,855,103 square miles, Canada is the second largest country in the world. Its' 10 provinces and 3 territories have a combined population of over 35 million people who speak both French and English. Canada is home to the largest waterfall in the world, Niagara Falls, which is located in Ontario. Half of the country is also covered in forests and ice, which makes a great home for their grizzly and polar bear populations. Ice Hockey is their national winter sport, and in 2010 Canada's Olympic hockey team brought home 2 gold medals. Canada is also home to some extremely talented DBH artists who showcase an amazing variety of styles.

niagra falls canada beach
vancouver olympics hockey team polar bear


DBH artist Moutchy aka Yannick Bouchard designs from Quebec, Canada. He creates simplistic pieces of art, plays with lines and texture and incorporates dark themes with a touch of humor. His style varies widely from photo-realistic pieces to completely vectored or hand-drawn illustrations. His collective is filled with a variety of different pieces that showcase his unique talents.

blood red sun moutchy zombie tee tshirt blood horror scary Blood Red Sun by Moutchy

More designs by Moutchy

outlaw lovers moutchy paintbrush painted vector tshirt tee butterfly woman costume pinup skull creepy hawk moth moutchy animals food craving moutchy mouse bunny rabbit monkey dog squirrel eat tshirt tee funny parody cartoon


Aritst igo2cairo has been a DBH member since 2007 and currently shows off an extraordinary collective store. His unique vintage style is pretty clear cut (as in the elephant piece below) and is seen in the masses of his art. Despite his clear cut style, he also showcases some geometric, nature and pop culture pieces that tell us he's got more up his sleeves.

flight of the elephants by igo2cairo balloon cute funny vintage
Flight Of The Elephants by igo2cairo

More designs by igo2cairo

flower skull beautiful death igo2cairo creepy weird skull tshirt tee geodesic igo2cairo photo realistic geometric triangle tshirt tee dr hoot owl tshirt tee igo2cairo tardis owl tee tshirt drwho parody pop culture


DBH artist EmilieBoisvert also hails from the beautiful city of Quebec, Canada. She grabs much of her design inspiration from ancient mythology, legends, pop culture and from her experiences traveling abroad. One of her favorite pastimes is reading anything from thrillers to philosophy, whose subjects are often mirrored in her artwork. Her overall "wild at heart" designs exhibit playful, colorful and mythical themes that are sure to pull on the heartstrings of every "kid at heart".

okami chan emiliboisvert wolf culture japanese moon flower

Okami Chan by EmilieBoisvert

More designs by EmilieBoisvert

alice in wonderland down the rabbit hole tshirt tee unicorn mythic emilieboisvert neon clouds sherlock holmes bubbles emilieboisvert


Artist Opifan64 has also been a member of DBH since 2007. His collective is full of simplistic, illustrative vintage designs, but also features a variety of his artistic styles. He incorporates pop culture themes (such as Men In Black below) and photo-realistic themes. His collective showcases a great understanding of color and pop culture awareness that makes his work successful.

men in black opifan64 matrix batman 007 preacher vader star wars johnny cash death funny parody 8bit art tshirt tee

Men In Black by opifan64

More designs by opifan64

son of man son of darkness opifan64 darth vader star wars parody rene magritte wolf geometric geomertry photo realistic illustrative genuine lizard top hat medicine vintage


DBH artist fanboy30 has a strong collection of pop culture designs - his name really says it all. If you're a fan of any major TV show character or superhero, he probably has a design that you'll rock. His artwork always features bright colors and themes that are completely relevant to the pop culture icon he's trying to mimic. He pays close attention to the important details that really make his designs successful, such as lighting and shadows, sayings and background patterns.

avengers skulls parody pop culture disassembled fanboy30 flash ironman

Disassembled by fanboy 30

More designs by fanboy30

daft punk cobra punk fanboy30 parody sensei vs sensei mouse parody cartoon fanboy30 game of thrones lion shield true king parody tshirt tee fanboy30

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