DBH Global Artists: Spain

Here at Design By Humans, we pride ourselves on cultivating an art community with the most creative and talented artists in the world. In a series of DBH blogs, we'll be featuring international artists to highlight and discuss their artistic styles, beginning with Spain.

Spain is located in Europe on part of the Iberian Peninsula, and is home to over 46.8 million people. Spain is known for their bullfights, beautiful beaches, amazing cultural music and dance, mouth-watering cuisine, and Sangria (hell yes!), to name a few things. Spain is also home to celebrities such as Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Enrique Iglesias. Most importantly, Spain is home to some amazingly talented artists here at Design By Humans.

spain bull bullfighting spain barcelona beach hotel

spain chacha flamenco dancing spain sangria alcohol drink


Artist a_mar_ilo Collective features a mix of vectors and hand-drawn illustrations. His designs also include a blend of themes that include people with robotic parts, imaginary cityscapes and quirky characters. Each design highlights details that make each piece of art worth a second and third look. He's done a great job showcasing his different artistic talents here at DBH thus far.

backlash amarilo fist vector

Backlash by a_mar_ilo

More designs by a_mar_ilo

art deco zombie woman girl pinup model illustration tshirt tee elephant fantasy elephantasy lightbot robot cool glow tshirt tee


Artist medusadollmaker wears many hats from illustrator and designer to mercenary and "part-time gorgon". Here at DBH, she specializes in amazingly realistic 3D character design and typography; to call her work "beautiful" would be short-changing her art. Her designs often play up popular themes and trends such as Disney villains (Queen Of Hearts and Maleficent) and Steampunk fashion. (She's also one of my personal favorite DBH artists!)

queen of hearts medusadollmaker disney woman model pretty beautiful tshirt tee

Queen Of Hearts by medusadollmaker

More designs by medusadollmaker

malificent disney evil queen medusadollmaker tshirt tee steam typography steampunk tshirt tee roses flowers skull tshirt tee gloria invictis


Artist sushilove describes his art as "small pieces of visual delight", and we'd have to agree. His Collective displays plenty of eye-popping neon artwork that is sure to catch anyone's attention. Many of his pieces feature scary zombies, urban parodies and neon paint splatters, along with some artwork from the depths of space. If you're looking for a stand-out piece of artwork, make sure to stop by his Collective.

sexy beast sushilove glow neon tiger

Sexy Beast by sushilove

More designs by sushilove

space breach one color minimalism dead planet sushilove skull astronaut stars planet glow paint teenage zombie parody funny spray paint neon pink sushilove tshirt tee


It's easy to see that artist Naolito is young at heart! His DBH Collective is full to the brim with pop culture and quirky characters that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face. While most of his designs feature simple vectors, he never leaves out important details that make for a strong design such as shadows, fur detail and scene setting.

donkey kong dawn of gaming gamer videogames nintendo tshirt tee naolito

Dawn Of Gaming by naolito

More designs by naolito

ready to fly vector cute tshirt tee dental hygenine funny lol tshirt tee tooth teeth smile tshirt tee moon balloon naolito robot smile vector


Artist Mitxeldotcom has been designing for Design By Humans since 2011 and is inspired by street art and urban styles. His Collective shows-off many different pieces of art from photo realism and geometric to neon-colored oddities and pop culture mashups. Overall, mixteldotcom'€™s Collective features an insane mix of different trends, proving he really is a multi-dimensional artist.

origin of unicorns watercolor spray paint rainbow tshirt tee

Origin Of Unicorns by mitxeldotcom

window cat night stars when the wind comes mitxeldotcom geometric photorealism minimalism mona lisa parody tshirt tee

These featured DBH artists from Spain were nothing short of amazing. They displayed an impressive set of work that features photo realism and vectors to pop culture characters and stand-out neon design and type. To try and compare their artistic styles would be crazy! Each artist has their own unique "brand" they bring to their Collective, making it easy for people all over the world to illustrate their own lifestyle.

If you'd like to join an international art community of over 15,000, share your art with the world, and loved the art you saw here in this blog, why not become a DBH artist? Get your store approved in 24 hours and start your legacy!

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