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We began our Global Artist Series to share amazing art by highlighting artists by country. What began as a simple task has turned into an amazing journey across the world. We've learned a lot of things about some of our favorite DBH artists and their home countries, as well as about some new art styles along the way. We'd like to conclude our series by featuring a few artists that are "rare" around these parts - in other words, there may be only 1 or 2 of these artists from their country in the entire DBH community! With over 15,000 contributing artists at Design By Humans, we'd like to say: here's to the little guys! Check out the mindblowing art below and make sure to check out our previous Global Artists posts at the end!


DBH Member since: 2008 Number of designs available: 28 Visit WinterArtwork's Design By Humans Store

WinterArtwork is one of a few artists from Barbados and has been a dedicated DBH artist since 2008. He has a strong, iconic style that highlights pop culture icons and funny characters. His artistic style incorporates a unique kind of vectoring style that is completely his. His Collective is full of characters from Thor, Dr Who, Legend of Zelda, Batman, The Walking Dead, and more. If you love anything pop culture related, check out his amazing Collective.

stemapunk gear person man vector character cartoon


DBH Member since: 2007 Number of designs available: 54 Visit Huebucket's Design By Humans Store

DBH artist Huebucket has been part of our community since 2007 and has made a strong impression on fans with his pug-inspired designs. He experiments with a wide variety of artistic styles from vectoring and hand sketching to comic and grunge effects. Either way, there's probably an adorable pug involved. In addition to the pugs, he also creates nature-inspired designs with highly detailed patterns you just have to see!


DBH Member since: 2013 Number of designs available: 34 Visit DavidMaclennan's Design By Humans Store

Although artist DavidMaclennan is slightly new to DBH, he's already made a strong impression. His dark art and surrealistic designs are intensely detailed and have a strong retro/vintage feel. Amidst his grunge, retro textures are other worlds, cool characters, skulls, and abstract animals that are simply mindblowing. Many of his pieces also have a classic tattoo and urban art feel. Get a look at something really abstract in DavidMaclennan's Collective.

sea dragon funny cute character sketch drawing vector color neon tshirt tee tank top sweatshirt


DBH Member since: 2008 Number of designs available: 40 Visit Alnavasord's Design By Humans Store

DBH artist Alnavasord has been with us since 2008 and has a large collection of nature-inspired artwork. His designs show off an amazing array of artistic styles from brushwork and painted effects to actual natural elements. Mentioning that Alnavasord has a thing for anything with wings is also a bit of an understatement. His Collective is full of animals, from crows and owls to dragons and toucans, that have been transformed with amazing styles of art, including burning fire and electrifying lightning. See nature painted in a whole new light in Alnavasord's Collective Store.


DBH Member since: 2013 Number of designs available: 10 Visit Ben6835's Design By Humans Store

DBH artist Ben6835 hails from Taiwan and is new to DBH, but he hasn't had a problem showing off his hilarious sense of humor. His pop culture mashup designs play off popular characters with funny elements added. Although he doesn't stick to one particular type of subject matter, he shows off a lot of different designs that a wide audience can relate to. His vectored designs are sure to make you laugh - check out his Collective today.


DBH Member since: 2010 Number of designs available: 40 Visit Freeminds' Design By Humans Store

DBH artist Freeminds is our only artist from Lithuania and we think she does a great job representing her country! We recently featured her in our Artist Interview Series, where she talked about getting inspired by classic fairy tales in music - elements that are clearly shown in her adorable characters. Freeminds showcases a ton of different cute characters that have been watercolor painted and vectored. Her almost anime-inspired Collective is awesome for anyone young at heart.


DBH Member since: 2013 Number of designs available: 16 Visit GillesBone's Design By Humans Store

Artist GillesBone is also new to the DBH community and is one of the only artists from Malta (the tiny island off the tip of Italy). Similar to artist Ben6835, GillesBone create some pretty funny pop culture mashup designs inspired by cereal box characters. These designs feature popular characters from Frozen and other Disney movies with their own personal brand of cereal and tagline. In addition to these funny designs, GillesBone also shows off his vectoring and painted effect skills in some dark art designs.

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