Day of the Dead Tees with Mexican Art

Day of the Dead Tees with Mexican Art

Day of the dead (Día de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. With this tradition comes a rich and detailed form of art that centers on the skull and ornate detailing. Design By Humans has a number of cool tees that embody this style of art. Loosely categorized as '€˜Mexican Art'€™ this form of art can also be traced through Latin America, USA, Europe and The Philippines.

In more recent times the day of the dead sugar skull has adorned many surfaces and has become especially popular within the tattoo art arena. Celebrate this cool tradition and take some time to learn about the designs we have on offer.

Sugar Skulls and Day of the Day symbols are great examples of Mexican style artwork, stooped in tradition and heritage.

mexican skull shirt

The Day of the Dead, the soul of the skull, down to the bone, are all Mexican art inspired designs. Influenced heavily by the Hispanic themes from the Day of the Dead to traditional sugar skull art. These designs usually have strong uses of black and white lines with bright colored highlights. Hispanic, Day of the Dead, and sugar skull t-shirts are a cultural collection with deep traditions and rituals that date back for as long as 2,500'€“3,000 years ago.

The ornate designs with classical references are a bold and beautiful look at design. Let'€™s have a closer look at some key points in Mexican t-shirt designs.

Ornamentations are the detailed lines, dots and curves. Lots of patterns create a detailed shape that gives energy to the design.

Day of the Dead Shirt
Calavera de Fuego Mexican shirt
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There are a variety of skulls in Mexican design but many have trademark items and details that form the look of Day of the Dead. Marigolds, strong line art, religious symbols and bright color schemes all feature. The skulls usually feature dark eyes with festive colors and creative line patterns. Day of the Dead is a popular design style that is recognized globally.

Aztec art is also featured as part of the Day of the Dead festival. The ninth month of the Aztec calendar is believed to be where the tradition began. A whole month of festivities were centered around the '€˜Lady of The Dead'€™ which is now believed to be the origins of the day of the day festivities we know today. Aztec designs usually feature earthier geometric shapes, intricate design details and art is encased in detailed borders and design outlines.

Lady of the Dead

Mexican t-shirt designs and tattoos often times include a combination of all these techniques. A skull with a rose and unique pattern makes for dramatic effects. These lively designs often have cultural references and meaningful line art that is popular now but has been around for hundreds of years.

Skull Day of the Dead
La Muerte Shirt

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