Defeat the Cold in DBH Winter Wear

Winter is coming... and believe it or not, some of us are actually looking forward to bundling up and braving the cold (#dadbod #dontjudgeme).

Whether you'€™re defending The Wall from scary legions of the frostbitten undead, or just trudging out to the local bodega between Fallout 4 binges, surviving the season depends on having the right gear.

Since we'€™re fresh out of Night'€™s Watch cloaks, how about you cozy up to some of these DBH designs instead? They may not accommodate your broadsword as well, but we promise they are a bit more stylish...

Skinny Santa by PolySciGuy
Looks like Santa traded in the cookies and milk for kale and coffee! Apparently the big guy got tired of rockin'€™ the #SantaBod (and/or getting stuck in chimneys) and made some big changes for this winter. He may be all knees and elbows, but Skinny Santa still has your back this year.
The Polar Beer Club by cpdesign
Hey Terrance...'€™member when we used to be all about Coke? * Hiccup * Those soft-drink-sipping polar pals from yesteryear finally grew up, and now it'€™s a whole other kind of party up north. Late night fur calls, sorority seal raids, iceberg luge'€¦ these guys do it all. Just don'€™t let them near your favorite teddy bear.
Tree House by Jaxxer
Nothing keeps up the holiday spirit like smokin'€™ trees! Too cold to go out? No worries, stay in and light a fire. You can stay warm and cozy all over this winter, and look good doing it, in this nifty tree house design from U.K. artist Jaxxer.
The Santa Shark by nickv47
Come on in, the water'€™s fine. Oh don'€™t mind me, I'€™ve got candy and presents! Nice try Santa Shark, but nobody'€™s buying it. Terrifying, cute, menacing, and jolly; this design by nickv47 covers a lot of bases, but don'€™t even think about sitting on Santa Shark'€™s lap.
Home by buko
Wherever he goes, a turtle is always home... but this little guy just one-upped his half-shelled homies with his cabin-equipped snow globe. Thanks to a little self-gentrification and Macedonian artist buko, you too can ride out the winter in comfort and luxury - just please don'€™t shake!!
Santa beard by happycolours
Haven'€™t reached puberty yet? Do you have mange? Are you female? There are plenty of reasons why this Novem-beard may have left you lacking in the facial hair department. Fear not, however, you can still rep your love for the big man (and all things hirsute) with this design by German artist happycolours. Perfect for ho-ho-hipsters!

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