Describe Your Art! DBH Artist Interview Series

How Would You Describe Your Own Artwork? We asked our extensive DBH artist community this question with a twist - do it in 50 words or less! The results? A ton of mind-blowing responses from some of our favorite artists. Sometimes it may seem difficult to nail down exactly the right words to describe your artwork, but we hope these artists help inspire you to get it down on paper!

"I am inspired by ultramodern and minimalist styles, and intrigued by the idea that style can be substance. I produce patterns that work as vehicles for color. By combining shape, value and texture, my geometric designs juxtapose both structure and randomness, artifice and nature, and the mechanical with the organic." - DBH Artist Spires

DBH Artist: Spires
# of Designs: 13
Specializes In: Abstract geometrics with strong color and texture

"My t-shirt designs are a blend of pop-culture, film, video game aesthetics, and anything from cute to cut-throat in nature. I like to cover a wide range of subjects and styles in my designs, and most of my stuff maintains a playful tone. Half of my stuff consists of pure nostalgia." - DBH Artist Punksthetic

DBH Artist: Punksthetic
# of Designs: 17
Specializes In: Classic Pop Culture characters get a dark twist

"My character based art style is born out of 80's skate graphics, street art and illustration influences. My style has evolved over a couple of decades and I now have the signature art style that is recognized as mine. Characters, darkness, cuteness and skulls are prevalent in most of my work." - DBH Artist Wotto

DBH Artist: Wotto
# of Designs: 65
Specializes In: Adorably scary doodles of the monsters that hide under your bed

"I would consider myself a old school anime and pop culture style artist. I try to design products around my interests which includes anime, exercise, sports, TV, movies, and military. I also like to create fun designs for my biggest fan, my daughter. She loves 'My Little Pony' style, her favorite music groups, and fun animal tees". - DBH Artist Spikeani

DBH Artist: Spikeani
# of Designs: 55
Specializes In: A variety of wide-eyed vector characters with bold colors

"I don't really think I have a defined style '€“ I get bored if I'm not trying new stuff and learning new techniques all the time. My artwork is a constant journey of discovery for me, and I think the central idea behind my work (other than the fact that monsters are awesome) is constant evolution." - DBH Artist DavicMaclennan

DBH Artist: DavidMaclennan
# of Designs: 30
Specializes In: Retro, surreal, and dark art mixed with cute characters

"My style is a mix of old vintage signs, old comics, tattoos, and 60s and 70s movie posters. Especially those posters from crappy 'B' movies. I really try to focus on illustration with typography elements inspired by those old comics and posters and signs." - DBH Artist Cabooth

DBH Artist: Cabooth
# of Designs: 9
Specializes In: Illustrative, vintage cult classic movie posters

"I like simple, crisp and straight forward designs, easy to 'read' and memorise. Things which usually affect my creativity is human rights and the environmental awareness. This doesn't mean that i don't like some geeky things." - DBH Artist Yanmos

DBH Artist: Yanmos
# of Designs: 48
Specializes In: Minimalist, nature-inspired vectors in a variety of styles

"My art is a mix; between finding the cuteness of pop culture characters, depicting nerdy references as sweet big headed figures, and fantasy inspired landscapes with a fun twist." - DBH Artist Acmontes

DBH Artist: Acmontes
# of Designs: 15
Specializes In: Cute, illustrated pop culture characters with a surreal touch

"My style consists of heavily illustrated brush strokes and contrast-based image styles to create bold and clean designs. I've really been inspired by tattoo culture in and around Chicago and just generating artwork in response to those concepts that someone is proud to wear and show off." - DBH Artist BlackFiberGraphics

DBH Artist: BlackFiberGraphics
# of Designs: 18
Specializes In: Skulls and dark art designs with vintage textures

Stay tuned for more artist insights and check the DBH forum for a chance to answer our next artist question - you could be featured in our blog! Click here to read all the responses to our last question: Describe Your Art in 50 Words Or Less! You can also share your unique artistic style in the comments section below...

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