Design By Humans Style Guide: Ladies Edition

There are so many interesting and creative ways to fashionably wear your Design By Humans tee. Don'€™t limit yourself to jeans and a T-shirt when you can accessorize and stylize to give yourself a unique and creative look. From girly and glamorous to grungy and edgy, with the right accessories and accents, your tee will be the foundation to a fabulous outfit.

Dress it Up
A few simple changes to your outfit can make you look glamorous. Accessorize with some sparkling silver jewelry or throw a crisp, clean blazer over your T-shirt to dress it up. Wear a pair of skinny jeans with heels or a flowy skirt.

Tuck your T-shirt into your jeans and wear a cute slim belt. Vibrant colored belts will pop against a colorful T-shirt, and gold or silver belts look extra glamorous. Wear this outfit out to a night on the town or to a party and be the center of attention with your unique and fashionable style.

Grunge it Down
Feeling adventurous? A little punky? Punk-style clothing has become very popular in the fashion word. Turn some heads with a grungy dramatic outfit by adding a leather jacket and combat boots or studded wedges to your style. Studs and spiked jewelry as accents are eye-catching and rebellious.

Plaid patterns are a classic punk look, and a plaid shirt makes any outfit a little more grungy and laid back. Layer a plaid shirt over your Design By Humans tee. Sometimes clashing colors and patterns are oh so trendy, in just the right way.

Cute and Stylish
Retro has become the new modern. High-waisted, destroyed shorts are easy to make, cute, and very affordable. Pick up a pair of $2 old high-waisted jeans from the thrift store and cut them into shorts. Pair them with your Design By Humans tee and some high top converse sneakers, and top your outfit off with a cute hat.

To add extra cute style to your outfit, knot up your T-shirt to make it more feminine. Tie it in a knot, or even a bow! This is a great summer or spring style and looks especially cute with high-waisted shorts or a high-waisted skirt.

Don'€™t let your style be bland, be creative and accessorize! You can wear your Design By Humans T-shirt with any style. Check out these fun examples of ways to stylize your outfit, and come up with some other awesome outfits on your own. We'€™d love to hear about how you rock your Design By Humans tee!

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