Dinosaurs vs. Robots: The Ultimate Showdown

Dinosaurs vs. Robots: The Ultimate Showdown

Growing up watching movies like Jurassic Park and The Terminator meant that we spent most of our childhood convinced that we’d either come face to face with a velociraptor in the kitchen or that we’d have to fight a robot sent to kill us from the future. Both seemed equally bad. If only we could have convinced our two greatest foes to fight each other instead, then we’d have been safe!

In fact, if our two greatest childhood fears — dinosaurs and robots — battled it out for the title of ultimate champion, who would win? Our money was on the robots…at least at first. Then, we remembered — with the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom premiere right around the corner — that not only were we taught to fear a glass of shaking water, but we also learned a valuable life lesson: dinosaurs will always beat robots. The Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchise taught us that no amount of technology — not even robots — can tame nature.

Let’s check out how:

1) Life…Uh…Finds a Way

Supposedly all the Jurassic Park dinosaurs were female and would “never” be able to reproduce or take their dino babies to the first day of kindergarten. We all know how that turned out. Ian Malcolm saw it coming too; no amount of technology or science can outsmart nature because, as Jeff Goldblum said, “Life…uh…finds a way.” Now, let’s see a robot do that!

2) They’ve Got Friends

Robots are just cold unfeeling toasters (except for maybe the Westworld robots…don’t even get us started on that though) and dinosaurs have both heart and a fire in their bellies! Dinosaurs were theorized to be herd animals living in a complex society with shared goals and objectives. Sure, robots can be programmed to fight together, but it just isn’t the same as good ol’ fashioned dinosaur teamwork! In fact, in Jurassic World we see Owen Grady’s raptor Blue, a T-Rex, and a Mosasaurus work together to defeat the dreaded Indominus Rex. Take that technology! Your hybrid science experiment can’t beat our real dinosaurs when they’re working together!

3) Off Switch

We know robots seem unstoppable because — well — they can’t actually die (which we’ll admit is pretty awesome). However, as we saw with Dennis Nedry’s selfishness, robots (okay maybe it was more like the computer system that ran the power, security, and transportation in the park, but we’re just going to call them robots) can be shut down with a click of a button. Can you turn a dinosaur off with a click of a button? Nope. It took a meteorite crashing into Earth to stop those giant lizards. So, if robots got meteorites on their side, then it might be a different story. Until then, our money is on the dinosaurs.

4) What Cages?

Nedry’s little “temporary” shutdown of the park’s computer system was enough to let every dinosaur escape their enclosure. A little metal and barbed wire won’t stop a dinosaur from taking a stroll around the park; there’s no way that a robot could stand in its way.

5) Born this Way

Dinosaurs have millions of years of evolution, experience, and instinct to draw from when it comes to devising a fighting strategy. When it comes down to it, dinosaurs fight for survival (which makes them wily AF…) and robots are just sort of going through the motions.

So, get ready for the ultimate showdown between technology and dinosaurs with the newest chapter in the Jurassic World story or Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in theaters June 22nd, 2018. Head back to Isla Nublar with Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and a Design By Humans Jurassic Park t-shirt to find out what is lurking the shadows this time…

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