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Coming in at 4-6 tons, and a length of 18-24 ft...The Elephant! As the largest land mammal on earth, these amazing creatures deserve some recognition. Designs featuring elephants as large and menacing, and cute and cuddly, and some interesting stories are below. Check out some of our favorite elephant t-shirts. Swirly Elephants by VectorInk A baby elephant following mama elephant around. So cute. These swirly illustrated elephants just go with the flow and look beautiful doing it.

Elephants by Freeminds This pink mammoth doesn't look to happy to have little elephants playing on its back. All they want to do is catch a butterfly. Show your playful side with this fun design.

Elephants in Paradise by opifan64 Small elephants, or giant peanut? It's a peanut paradise either way for these elephants. They won't be hungry for another peanut for a long time.

Flight of the Elephants by igo2cario A new way to travel for elephants, just strap on a balloon and away they go! Beats walking for miles and miles to go anywhere. Get your flying elephant shirt, sweatshirt, or phone case today!

Elephants Hunt in Paris by fatheed In the event of global warming elephants will target Japanese whaling vessels. Elephants Hunt in Pairs shows two elephants targeting a whaling vessel with one acting as a decoy and the other sneaking behind for a surprise attack. This unique elephant shirt will have you watching your back.

The Elephant in the Room by radiomode An optical illusion using negative and positive space. A wallpaper elephant inside a living room. The design may require a second look to see the elephant in the room.

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