Featured Artist: Artemple

Featured Artist: Artemple

DBH: Where are you from?

Artemple: Hello everybody. I'm from Bucharest, Romania. You're probably asking yourself right now where is this country. Well, lemme tell you that here is where Dracula was born, in the lands of Transilvania. So, there's a big chance I might be a vampire. 😈

DBH: How would you best describe your art style?

Artemple: One does not have only ONE art style. I like to think of it as an adaptive one, otherwise I will feel trapped in a box. I like to experiment a lot and find new ways of expressing.

DBH: Where do you find your inspiration when creating your art?

Artemple: It hits me when I least expect. Usually when I'm about to sleep, that's the reason I also like to create in the evening or during the night. I also like to look at things from different perspectives. I think it depends on my mood also, I am a moody person. But most of it comes from using Pinterest on a daily basis and following some artists pages. ArtStation is also a great source of inspiration for me. I recommend using Pinterest.

DBH: When did you know you wanted to make a career in the art world?

Artemple: I eventually found myself there, even tough it wasn't planned in detail from the beginning. I was a little kid when I started drawing and I will grow old still doing this...

DBH: What does a day of creating artwork look like for you and how do you start your creative process?

Artemple: There are days and days. Not a day is the same. Having a sketchbook around is a big deal, I'd make use of one of those, but it is not in my habit. Ever since I started working with digital artwork, I mostly do my sketches on the PC. It starts with a basic idea, then a s sketch, then I take it straight to finish. I don't like wasting time doing hundreds of variants. Patience is a quality for those who master it. If only I had some...

DBH: What artist (either current or past) do you most admire and why?

Artemple: Nature is my inspiration, past and current.

DBH: What's the best advice that's been given to you as an artist?

Artemple: Don't let other people take your work for granted. Put a value on it and you will see how things will change. I was in the 5th grade when my drawing class professor told me that... That advice made an actual difference, because I was able to overcome myself, becoming better and better.

Always think positive and in a creative way. Always...

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