Femme Fatale Collection

Sultry and mysterious, as beautiful as she is dangerous, she is the epitome of Femme Fatale. From the Mata Hari in the 1920'€™s to Ellen Ripley in Alien, there'€™s just something about a wrathful, weapon-wielding woman with war on her mind.

At DBH, we recently threw down the gauntlet and asked designers to show us their best Femme Fatale designs. Of the legions of dangerous-looking females you sent-in, (seriously guys'€¦ whoa) here are a few that looked particularly awesome, unstable and/or murderous.

'€œCleopatra'€ by BrianMViveros
Hell hath no fury like a woman with a veil made of .50 caliber bullets. This badass war-heroine was hand-painted by legendary artist Brian Viveros, and she is ready to kick your butt all the way up to the altar. Just say, '€œI do'€ to this design... or else.

'€œThe Night Before the Battle'€ by qetza
The noble warrior contemplates his fate at the hands of the mighty Valkyrie. Will she take him to Valhalla? Only Odin knows - either way this design by qetza is going to be a big hit at the local mead hall. Pro tip: this t-shirt looks great under a leather tunic and some light armor.

'€œCyberpunk Beatdown'€ by DoOomcat
Escape evil genetic testing facility... check. Discover ancient sword of lightning... check. Destroy giant android guards... double check. What'€™s next already? Just another day in the life of a girl with genetically altered cyberpunk warrior problems... am I right? Put this Beatdown on your wall right now.

'€œSurvivor'€ by Geno75
Who do you want by your side during the zombie apocalypse? Some dirty, bearded sheriff guy or a super-legit, shotgun totin'€™ survivor gal? This comic-styled splatterfest by Indonesian designer Geno75 makes the decision for you, and it might just save your wimpy life! An original DBH t-shirt of the day winner!

'€œNo. 31'€ by alexbadaro
Keep staring and you'€™re liable to get shot, gringo. Pick up this pistol packin'€™ retro calavera-chic by Brazilian artist alexbadaro and she'€™ll keep you covered. This formidable female is fully armed and just classy enough for your next dia de los muertos celebration.

But wait, you'€™re not safe just yet... there'€™s more. We know a place where dozens of deadly damsel designs are ready to rush to your destruction... it'€™s the new DBH Femme Fatale collection!

We'€™ve compiled the best of Femme Fatale DBH designs into one place, and it'€™s a virtual bevy of beautiful bounty hunters.

Check out the full collection of murderous madams here: Femme Fatale Apparel Collection

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