Geometric Tees

No one wants to go back to high school geometry, but math really is a beautiful thing. Ever looked up at a building and noticed the lines in skyscrapers? How lines meet, and angles are formed is math (I know...yawn) but nature has some amazing geometric lines as well, colorful, abstract and just a little obscure. Geometric tees are gaining speed and simple shapes that make such complex designs perfect for a new t-shirt, sweatshirt, phone case or art print. Time & Space by expo This geometric T Shirt design is a journey, which takes you to a place where time and space are one in the same. Sacred triangular shapes and ever-powerful stars power this men's shirt. Time and Space is graphic tee that will show off a deeper side of you.

Fractal Geometric Emperor Penguin by radiomode Using only the most simple Geometric illustration of cool black and white penguin. With Penguin Awareness Day only a week away, this could be the perfect opportunity to show your love for the little guys.

Segments by Aeoll A smooth colorful geometric illustration with only the most simple shapes and colors. This design is sure to be a conversation starter and works on a number of different colored shirts. Look at it long enough and you might start to see things...

Geodesic by igo2cairo Inspired by the geodesic domes of American systems theorist, inventor and futurist Buckminster Fuller this black and white design is perfect to show off your geometric side. This design would look great on a shirt or a phone case!

Geometric Silver Stag by chobopop Tribal inspired geometric design portraying a majestic stag. The blue pops against the muted grays of the animal. Perfect as a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

zpy yyy tryy by spires Rainbows, triangles, gradients, and so many levels of depth. This gyroscopic look is a more sophisticated look of what we remember doing as a child but so much cooler!

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