Get Your Game On With PLAY LIVE!

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is hosting a huge gaming event, and you can be a part of it! Whether you like to live stream your games and raise awareness, donate money directly, or buy a shirt from Design By Humans and wear your support, every little bit helps to save lives. This event is co-sponsored by Twitch.TV - a live streaming platform, GameStop, LootCrate, and many other organizations. Especially if you're already playing on Twitch, don't hesitate to join the fight.

So how does DBH fit into this whole gaming equation?

Every gamer or team of gamers who is participating in the Play Live event has the opportunity to design their own shirts through Design By Humans. After their t-shirt is designed, it is available to the public in adult and children's sizes with a variety of colors.

A portion of the proceeds from each t-shirt sale connected to this event goes to St. Jude to continue the good work of finding a cure for cancer, and preserving the quality of life for young cancer fighters and their families.

So how can you design your own shirt for your St. Jude Play Live team?

Simple! If you haven't done so already sign up to join and/or create a team at the St. Jude PLAY LIVE page. Once you have successfully signed up your team captain will see a DBH banner labeled, "Create Your Team Shirt," in your fundraising dashboard. You can simply click on that banner to get started (image of the banner is below).

A quick taste of some of the shirts:

St. Jude Play Live
You can express your support for St. Jude, the children they are helping, and the wonderful team of professionals working around the clock for a cure with a basic Play Live shirt. Don'€™t forget that this tee is also available in children'€™s sizes!
One of the most successful groups participating in this event is Gamers4Change. You can read all about them on their Play Live page. So far, they have raised $100K + for the wonderful work being pursued at St. Jude. There are ten streamers on this team, and they are all playing away and raising money.
Starry Cooptonauts
The Co-Optonauts team is aiming to raise $5,000 during the event. You can help them out by joining their team, buying their shirt, or donating directly to their goal HERE.
Watercolor Panda
If you're looking for a super cool shirt that will help out children and St. Jude all in one, check out this beautiful watercolor image. Hint: this tee looks especially awesome in Light Blue Heather.
Marathon Gamers
Help Marathon Gamers get started on their fundraising goals; their group is committed to raising money for worthy causes, particularly St. Jude and the children there. Join the team or donate here. Buying their shirt is another great way to help them reach these goals of saving the world from cancer!

This cause is so worthy, and everyone at DBH is so excited to be supporting it. With these shirts, these games, and whatever money we can spare, we're saving the lives of kids and helping the doctors and researches at St. Jude get that much closer to a cure. So join the movement in whatever way you can contribute, and Play Live!

Check out the entire St. Jude PLAY LIVE collection!

Wet Hot American Tees!

Wet Hot American Tees!

Artist Guest Blog: ColletteJEllis aka Flying Viper

Artist Guest Blog: ColletteJEllis aka Flying Viper