Greatest Hits of 2017

Greatest Hits of 2017

The year 2017 made us laugh, it made us cry, and it even made us shake our fists in the air a few times. Still, though, 2017 had some really inspiring moments and we ask you to imagine an epic soundtrack playing in the background, while we revisit some of our favorites: Peggy Whitson set the record for the most days in space at 534 days, two hours, 49 minutes and counting.

April the Giraffe FINALLY had her baby! We waited…and we waited…and after 16 months, we finally got to see a baby giraffe.

And giant, jelly-like blobs were spotted off the coast of Norway! No one knows what they are but — oh boy — it’s exciting to learn that there are still unexplained mysteries in the world.

2017 was a year of space odysseys, deep sea mysteries, and baby giraffes…so you know that the soundtrack to the year had to be larger-than-life! We, here, at Design By Humans are excited to share that DBH had some soundtrack-worthy moments as well. In fact, we can’t wait to share our playlist of DBH's Greatest 2017 Hits for you. So, sit back, relax, and turn up the volume on the Design By Humans’ “Best of 2017” album. They may be oldies, but they’re still goodies to us.

Mountain Bear broke – or maybe just calmly lumbered— onto the DBH scene with a stunning geometric pattern that evokes both the serene and the playful element in nature. Take a long walk through this imaginative landscape and relive memories of summer hikes and warm evening sunsets:

Join Peggy Whitson in a journey to the stars with The Spaceman's Trip. 534 days in space will fly by when you travel in style, just like this astronaut being pulled by planet-balloons! The deep, dark galaxy has never seemed quite as cozy before; you won’t find anything terrifying about an abyss that is brightened by this cheerful and eccentric vision:

The Sketchy Cat Skull reminds you that it is important to take a closer look, because even the most terrifying things can be lovable once you truly understand them. A collage of cats shapes a skull graphic for a perfect blend of the sinister and the adorable. Forgive our pun, but it’s the perfect look for a visit to the catacombs!

The sun rises every day, but it’s time to appreciate it with the same wonder and amazement you did when you were a kid. Enjoy nature in all its glory with The Geometry of Sunrise, and experience a sunrise like no other:

You won’t want to hit “paws” on the awesome song being played by the HOUSE CAT (Rainbow DJ Kitty) design. DJ Kitty is one cool cat and is decked out in sunglasses, a rainbow ombre print, and a turntable that makes this a perfect shirt for easy listening and easier fashion:

Take a bite out of the exciting Lunar Fruit design. Sprinkle a little zest into your stargazing tonight with this unique and imaginative favorite. The galaxy has never looked quite so inviting and a space adventure has never seemed quite so delicious:

Get ready for a slow jam and the love ballad of the year with the Speed is Relative design! A sloth hitches a ride on a tortoise on this adorable piece that is a perfect reminder that love — and friendship — can happen in the most unexpected ways and, sometimes, to the the most unlikely pairs. There's no way you will want to fast-forward through this delightful design:

Add a little Norse mythology to your day with RAGNAR'S RAVEN artwork! This Nordic symbol portrays an ornate raven that is believed to be the eyes and ears of the chief Viking god, Odin. You just know that Odin is feasting his eyes on this design and enjoying the epic soundtrack that goes along with it:

Life isn’t all black and white, so add a little color and a lot of adventure to your day with The Happy Adventurer design. A smiling panda bear spices up his boring old black and white outfit with a red scarf and aviator glasses; let loose and get ready to fly off and have an adventure:

There are always two sides to a story, and the Duality piece is the perfect representation of this. A cityscape is mirrored by a nature scene to remind you to always keep balance in your life:

So, grab your headphones and have a listen to the Design By Human’s Greatest Hits’ album of 2017! You won't want to miss all of these wonderful hits!

Featured Artist: BlancheMarguerite

Featured Artist: BlancheMarguerite

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Featured Artist: Plaguearts