Halloween Costume Predictions for 2016

Halloween Costume Predictions for 2016

Halloween costume shops are popping up, people are testing out the Halloween makeup they wanna use on the big day, and those fresh out of ideas are going nuts by now! Whether tasteful or offensive, skimpy or comfy, obvious and ridiculous or completely obscure and nerdy, costumes are what makes Halloween fun! Well and the candy and booze and scary movies. And super fun food disguised as gross body parts. Oooooh and if you have a party and make those drinks with the dry ice so it looks all spooky and cool! Anyway if you’re looking for awesome costume ideas, here are a few you could pick up, though maybe not at your average costume shop:

1. Stranger Things

You knew it was coming!! People have been too obsessed with this show, there’s no way they weren’t going to dress up as characters from it. I already saw one post including a couples costume involving a phone and some Christmas lights.

So whether you want to dress up as a demogorgon from the upside down, a goofy 80’s kid with a bike and a mission, or Eleven (though if you’re an adult, the shaved head might be mistaken for a precog), Stranger Things is a great inspiration for a costume. You could go for the El version of Eleven, with blond hair and a cute little pink outfit; I think it would be a little hard to make recognizable though, maybe carry a music box?

2. Game of Thrones

GOT has been a big draw for a long time now; who DOESN’T want to be Khaleesi!?! Or Jon Snow. I’d say Ned Stark, but pulling off headless is kinda tough no matter how much you spend on halloween makeup.

If you want to go less-than-obvious with this one, go for the Mother of Dragons angle. Carry your dragon babies around, and if you’re super brave, go for the nude suit and plenty of dirt smudges and...fire?

Or you could go with Jon Snow’s mother--Lyanna Stark has been that big hanging question that everyone actually knew the answer to since the beginning. Although, the only time we see her she’s super dying, so, awkward…

Whether you’re Jon Snow or his mother, or Cersei cackling in green flames rep your Game of Thrones nerd pride by going nuts! I might just dress myself as a Mountain and see if anyone gets the joke; then again Maisie Williams has the best idea with her ‘A Girl Has No Costume’ concept.

3. Suicide Squad

You know how over the last few years there were about a million Elsa’s for every other little girl costume out there? Well Harley Quinn is this year’s adult version of Elsa--at least that’s my bet. Everyone wants to be the little sexy blond with murder issues. I mean, the baseball tee and the bat seal the whole hipster deal.

I’m guessing Joker will not be so much of a draw this time around, but that’s just a guess. Everyone wants to be Batman, but again, maybe not this movie. Suicide Squad is for the “alt crowd.” Maybe even the alt-alt crowd.

Harley Quinn with Arkham Asylum inmates in tow would be a good group costume if you’re into that sort of thing.

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

So many characters to choose from with in Star Wars 7! You could be that loveable fighter pilot guy, or BB8 the little roly robot. Better yet, there’s Rey, Stormtrooper guy, and beardy-Luke Skywalker (totally my fav)!

Whether you go with original characters aging gracefully or the new ones springing up, the Star Wars universe is always a good place to go for costumes.

5. The Election

While I personally would love to suspend reality and hide away in all my fantasy world(s), there are plenty of entertaining and ludicrous costumes to be gathered from this election. Donald Trump, despite his bankruptcy is still the best costume on the table in my opinion; his hair alone is a talking point! If you’re #withher, you can dress as Hillary and wear a big 2016 placard over your dress-suit. Of course there are plenty of Bill and Hillary Clinton jokes going around, that’s a classic to bring back.

No matter which way you lean or if you just want to forget the whole thing, there’s plenty of fodder for comedy!

6. Pokemon GO!

Speaking of things that have completely taken over the nation, if you aren’t too busy playing Pokemon GO to actually celebrate Halloween this year, you could dress up as one!

Pokemon and their trainers are a great way to go for costumes this year. This one might take a little extra effort, but since when have die-hard fans ever let that get in their way!?

Find your perfect pokemon in your pokedex and if you can, get a bunch of friends to dress up too so you can have your own Pokemon games. If you’re totally stumped, just be Pokemon Pikachu; it’s recognizable even to those of us who don’t know anything about the game.

Go for the Pokemon Gold!

7. Deadpool

Your favorite super anti-hero HAS to be a major costume draw this year! If it was me, I’d just dress as a broken 4th wall and be as corny as possible, but then I have a not-so-secret love of puns.

Deadpool and Vanessa would be an awesome couples costume, or you could go solo as well. The Deadpool film was huge despite his disappointing first appearance in Origins. Deadpool is one of Marvel’s best comics though, and they’re in the swing of bringing them all back right now. And speaking of that...

8. Other Marvel Peoples

Don’t forget Doctor Strange is coming, and it’s Benedict Cumberbatch which will be amazing, I’m sure! If he can play a dragon, I’m pretty sure he can do anything. Also I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of Daredevils (a la Charlie Cox), Jessica Joneses, and Luke Cages this year since Netflix is bringing them all back!

Civil War was a pretty big deal as well, tying in Ant Man and the latest Spiderman iteration, and let’s not forget that Marvel’s best Guardians are coming back soon. There’s a LOT of Marvel going around!!

Well, these are my best costume ideas based on current events. Post your ideas in the comments below! And don’t forget that there’s always the option of a super lazy costume: wear a cool t-shirt. #winning.

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