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Adding Graphic Tees to your Summer Wardrobe

Are you feeling funny, flashy, simple, artsy or stylish? When it's time to pick out clothes from the closet, graphic tees can express the type of mood you are in, the type of music you like, personality, interests and so on. Choosing your style for the day can have an impact on your and others people moods around you. You can expect a wink or two if someone else in digging your style.

Looking Casual and Unique

Figuring out your clothing style can take a lot of time and effort everyday. What do you wear when you'€™re trying to look dressy and casual at the same time? Jeans and a collared shirt, some business casual shoes can accomplish that. But is that your style, or is that everyone'€™s? Having your own style is important, as it can affect confidence, independence and relay your personality; this is where a unique style tee comes into play.

There are flashy, themed, simple, artsy, fun, creative, detailed and every option in between. There are also those graphic tees that are plain, cheap, silly, nerdy and those are the just typical. You can take your wardrobe to the next level, find something that matches your style, like a neon dinosaur, a hexagon tree or an eye catching rendering. Graphic tees that follow a concept or theme get a lot of attention from others, cool designs make great conversation starts and extrude a sense of personality.

Graphic style tees aren'€™t the only option to increase your style, a nice pair of sneakers, a watch and good pair of jeans could really step up your style points. While an artsy tee is the eye catcher of your outfit, the sneakers, watch and jeans it helps  make the statement '€œI'€™m casual, cool, and I have personality.'€ The next time you go reaching in your closet to get dressed for the day take some time to style up with tee that makes a statement about you.

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