How To Design A Tee Part 3

Now that you've got the idea down from parts 1 & 2, we're ready to tackle the next step. The third main step in designing a t shirt is finding the right colors, refining the images and adding enhancements to your image to make it stand out. There are tons of filters, brushes, photos and vector art that you can use to enhance your design.

Cleaning up the Image, and Adding Enhancements

For masters in Photoshop, cleaning up the image is the fun part of step 2, but now is the time to really get your design ready for print. Choose the colors, and experiment with different brushes and textures. Below are a few Photoshop filters and brushes that can really enhance a design.

Designing with Pattern Tools

The halftones are the dot patterns from large to small that can add contrast or be and overall exciting touch. There are tons of vector patterns, stamp tools, cross hashing, and many others

Using a Texture

You can have a nice clean design then overlay it with a vintage texture. Make it look worn or ole fashion. Texture give the design a more human and organic feeling.

Experimenting with Brushes

Want to check out some cool brushes to enhance that t shirt design? There are hundreds of different types to give you different effects. Laser beams, calligraphy, grungy, ink splatter etc. Be careful not to muddy up you design, but in enhance away with different strokes, colors, and textures. we found some cool ones at

Using the Right Colors

The next step is to develop a color pallet.  T shirt prints are separated colors so you can create a pallet of 3-8 colors that you would like to use from the design. Remember you can always trade them before the design is printed, but you should still plan out how each color area works.

Final T Shirt Design Prep

For overall design help, consider the following recourses for different questions about designing T Shirts. There are different tutorials on color separations, patterns, and brushes.
T Shirt Design Guide

ship, with clean lines and color use. The design process is always quite a journey and these are some tips to help you along the way to develop the best t shirt design.  The next task is getting your design ready for submission.

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