Introducing FedEx International Mail

On January 27th, the US Postal Service drastically increased their international shipping rates prompting many companies, including Design By Humans, to seek an alternative to what used to be one of the most popular international shipping services from the United States. This hurt the ability for many of our international customers to make daily purchases or even group purchases, forcing them to pay a much higher shipping rate. You asked for help and we took up the challenge.We reached out to all the major courier services within the United States and after exhaustive negotiations (we originally thought a courier service death match was a great idea, the courier services didn't agree) we decided that continuing our relationship with FedEx was the right choice. FedEx has been our sole domestic service provider for quite a while and they have been an extraordinary partner. We're excited to continue that partnership by including their FedEx International Mail Service to our international shipping options.As many of you saw on Facebook and on our Forums, we've been going through several rounds of testing and I'm happy to report great news from those tests. We sent out numerous shipments to test the speed, reliability, and the potential for possible customs charges. FedEx's new service successfully reached every major continent we currently ship to and with great speed and no customs charges for all single shirt shipments we sent out. Design By Humans is no stranger to breaking new ground and blazing our own path as we did with our DBH Collective and Custom Printed tees. In that spirit the label that the package ships under was custom designed by Design By Humans to ensure a smooth transition between FedEx and the recipient country for final delivery.So how does this help you? We have pulled the current rates to the Netherlands as it's about the best middle ground rate we could locate as an example to compare how FIMS (FedEx International Mail Service) compares to the USPS rates:*1 Shirt*FIMS - $4USPS - $13.75 *2 Shirts*FIMS - $5.83USPS - $15.90*3 Shirts*FIMS - $8.60USPS - $19.60*4 Shirts*FIMS - $10.66USPS - $21.45*5 Shirts*FIMS - $12.72USPS - $23.30As you can see from the above we've negotiated a great rate with FedEx allowing you to now get 5 shirts shipped through FedEx International Mail for under the cost of 1 shirt through the US Postal Service. In addition, the ability to purchase and ship ANY single shirt for $4 now means purchasing and shipping the shirt of the day is now cheaper than the cost of the shirt alone the day after it premiers on our website! The new service is a flat rate price by weight which allows us to give you the best possible rate instead of other services which take into account both weight and distance making customers who live further away from us pay more for the same product and service. FedEx International Mail ends that practice by providing the same price to every customer.We're really excited to be able to launch this service for our international customers who have been waiting very patiently. You've all provided some amazing feedback and we're generous enough to allow us to ship packages to you to allow us to do some real world testing. The Design By Humans team thanks you for your time and effort in helping us to help you!

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