Ladies Graphic Tee Sale - Save $7 on all Shirts

Today is ladies day at DBH, All women'€™s graphic tees are $7 off. The regularly priced $20 shirts are now only $13. These women'€™s graphic shirts are comfortable, unique and casual. They are extremely eye-catching shirts sure to grab attention and interest. These shirts scream creativity, artistic style, and someone not afraid to be different. The women's collections are ladies cut t shirts, that are fit for juniors and ladies sizes. The premium cotton shirts are soft blends for specialized comfort and optimal color.

Ladies are Custom Cutting T Shirts

There are lots of different ways to enhance ladies graphic shirts. Some girls have cut them, tied them, turn them into dress, enhanced, sown, and embellished. Check out some custom cut and tied up shirts from our models. The ultimate panda was sliced down the middle and retied for a slightly tighter fit and a cool embellishment down the back. The Wizdom owl was trimed down to show some ink and make a cooler shirt for the hot summer months. If you have any of your own new ideas, feel free to post picture or video. These ladies have accessorized and customized their shirts.

On the 6th Day of Tee Sale, DBH Gave to me...6 Ladies-a-Modeling

cats ladies tee

samuri ladies tee

3 monkeys graphic tee

black bear graphic tee

cutting a graphic shirt
cutting a graphic shirt

Grab Bag T Shirt Sale - $6 Serendipitees

On the 5th Day, Save $5 off Collective Tees