Celebrating your Dad on Father's Day can be a tough thing sometimes (it's June 19th, btw). You have to find the perfect gift, and you can only give him so many ties. I got lucky; since my dad was an Attorney, he loved wearing ties and it didn't matter how many I got him, he still loved them.

One of the greatest things about Father's Day is to celebrate the things that your dad passed down to you. Dads come with different interests and passions. Your dad can shape your interests and the direction your life takes in a big way with what he teaches you.

Some dads like hunting or fishing, some golf, some love football, and some thrive on comic books or old sci-fi movies. Either way, there's a great t-shirt for your dad on the DBH website. If you want something sappy and specifically geared toward celebrating your dad, simply type 'Father's Day' into the search box and check out some of the t-shirt options.

And if you're not sure what your dad would like best, DBH also offers gift cards so your dad can choose his own perfect shirt. My dad, for example taught me how to set up an entire campsite and that became my job every camping trip. If I got him a shirt, it would probably be something like 'Camping Icons' by Ghinan.

A few DBH employees shared the special things that their dads passed down to them along with the perfect shirt that compliments the nostalgia.

Share what your dad passed down to you in the comments section, and celebrate the passing of knowledge from one generation to another with us this Father's Day!

Brent, Senior Web Designer: "When I was nine, my father presented me with his rather extensive presidential bobble-head collection and said 'Son, some day all this will be yours.'"

Desiree, Community Art Moderator: "My dad got me really into comic books by the time I could walk. He's the reason I go to comic con international every year, and why I have a supergirl poster in my office. I'm a huge X-Men fan because of him."

John, Controller: "In a word: golf! Not just the game itself but the life lessons it teaches: humility & respect, punctuality, safety, focus, persistence and problem solving, to name a few..."

Katya, Social Media Manager: "I got my love of British Film and Bowie from my dad. Also my infamous love of sushi."

Josh, Graphic Designer: "My dad is obsessed with funk and soul music, now it's a huge part of my music collection."

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