Lovecraft Jimiyo Print Giveaway

H.P. Lovecraft + Jimiyo Print Giveaway

H.P. Lovecraft was an American writer known for horror fiction and more commonly for his character Cthulhu. Lovecraft'€™s work is full of dark characters and themes, some of which were inspired by his own nightmares. We have his grandfather'€™s scary stories to thank for that! Lovecraft created Cthulhu as a deity for his writing and was first seen in 1928. Part man, part dragon, and part octopus, Cthulhu has become a pop culture icon.
The Giveaway
This month DesignByHumans challenged our artists to design Lovecraft inspired art for a curated collection. In celebration of it'€™s launch, DBH is excited to announce a Lovecraft Giveaway starting on Friday 13, 2015 which features a limited edition print from the one and only Jimiyo! Don'€™t miss your chance to get your hands on these awesome prizes!
The Prizes
1st Place: Limited Edition Jimiyo Print + Love Cthulhu Shirt + 1 Tee from the Lovecraft Collection
2nd Place: Love Cthulhu Shirt + 1 Tee from the Lovecraft Collection
3rd Place: Love Cthulhu Shirt

Click here to view the H.P. Lovecraft Curated Collection

Lovecraft Jimiyo Print Giveaway

HP Lovecraft Collection
DBH issued a challenge to our artists around the world for HP Lovecraft inspired art. Our curated Collection features the best HP Lovecraft inspired art and is available on t-shirts, phone cases, and art prints.

Jimiyo is a veteran of the T-shirt design world with many printed shirts spanning the entire globe. He loves pop culture, art, and taking pictures of his cat, Mr Eggs. Jimiyo has been a member at Design By Humans since 2007 and has always impressed us with his signature style.

Learn more about legendary artist Jimiyo in his artist interview here.

Tattoo Tees

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