Main Menu's TwitchCon Giveaway

Hey Main Menu & DBH communities,We wanted to give you a couple important updates as we get closer to TwitchCon.First: for those of you going to TwitchCon, you will be able to meet some of your favorite Main Menu broadcasters at our booth throughout the weekend!Here is a full list of the times:Brotatoe - 1:30PM - 2PM Friday CobaltStreak - 1:30PM - 2PM FridayAlaskanSavage - 3:30PM - 4PM Friday TigerWriter - 4PM - 4:30PM Friday lolRenaynay - 1PM - 2PM SaturdayAlso, at TwitchCon you will be able to get your hands on the first copies of the Main Menu team shirt!

However, we also know that some people wont be able to make it / afford one. And we all know everyone likes free things. So, we wanted to start the TwitchCon party early by giving out two team shirts. You will be able to enter this Friday and next for a chance to win a copy of the Main Menu shirt! The giveaways will run for 24 hours and winners will be announced before TwitchCon. Enter to win below!Main Menu TwitchCon Giveaway

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