Making of: Dude, It's T-shirt Season

We wanted a fun way to announce our new spring t-shirt sale and also an excuse to get out doors. The solution? A video shoot at a local park! We grabbed our resident film guy, the office dog and gathered our best "summer" equipment -- you know, soccer balls, ice chests, a BBQ, t-shirts -- all that jazz and voilà!

It was tough finding the right terrain and the right words to say. We wanted to show the outright confusion of everyone. The picnickers were confused to see the hiker dressed in all winter clothes and the hiker was confused to see all the people just sitting around in t-shirts. Josh, our graphics guy, did the "Dude, It's t-shirt season" line at least 10 times. Mostly because we all thought it was classic and wanted to just get more Josh takes. He mixed it up with a few variations as well and maybe we'll have to release some blooper footage for you to see that!

See the video and find out more about the sale on this past blog post and don't forget to use coupon code TEESEASON to get 20% off all apparel from Design by Human!

Cast & Crew Camera Man: Max Video Editor: Max Director: Josh Climber: Brent Happy Dog: Obi Picnicker 1: Kevin wearing The Passengers by Wotto Picnicker 2: Katya wearing Never Date An Astronaut by campkatie Picnicker 3: Cassie wearing Summer Sizzler by opawapo Picnicker 4: Haley wearing Happy Adventurer by jun087 Picnicker 5: Josh wearing Sacred Sun by againstbound


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