Merchandise for YouTube with DBH

Attention graphic designers, artists and content creators of all kinds! Looking for a merchandise home for your hard work? Well look no further... Design by Humans puts your designs on merchandise distributed worldwide, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, art prints, phone cases, and more.

Today, we're going to cover how you can link directly to your DBH merchandise store from YouTube videos.

Step 1: Hop on your computer

No mobile devices allowed... you have to go with the old desktop or laptop for this sweet action! Log in to your YouTube account.

Step 2: Get verified by robots

It'€™s super easy to verify your account on YouTube; you can either have them text you the code or get a call from a nifty robot. First, just make sure your account is in good standing (and maybe think about deleting those drunken videos from the company X-Mas party), then click here to get verified.

Step 3: Ensure External Annotations are Enabled

Once verified, as per the step above, you should now see that annotations are enabled in your YouTube settings here. You should see the green cricle lit up, like in this screen shot:

If not, look in your YouTube account dashboard, via going to your Video Manager and look for the box in the banner up top that says '€œEnable your account for external annotation links'€. Click enable and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Step 4: Be brilliant!

Go back to your video manager and pick a video, then expand the '€œEdit'€ menu. Click on annotations. Add in your brilliant call-to-action in the appropriate places (remember K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple, Sucka). Pro tip: You can even put it in a fancy comic-book bubble!

If you need specific help on how to add and edit annotations, here'€™s a quick video how-to:

Step 5: Link it Up

Check the '€œLink'€ box and add your personal store URL, which should look something like this: Oh BTW, you can only link to retailers that are whitelisted as an approved YouTube merchant (like Design by Humans!). P.S. Don'€™t forget to save and publish.

Ok so now you have the tools and the know-how'€¦ so get out there and start selling (someone has to pay for all those ugly Xmas Sweaters you bought!)


DBH is an international community of designers offering support to one another, as well a venue for artists to display and market their work across a variety of media. All you need to do is open your own DBH storefront and start selling your on-demand apparel today!

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