Month in Review: March

Month in Review: March


This month has been quite full here at DBH. Traveling to PAX, Spring Sales, Giveaways, Design Contests -- so much going on! So in case you missed any of the happenings, here's a look back on how we spent the month.

New to Design by Humans comes a monthly design challenges. February was the first month we reached out to our artists to put their skills to the test. The best of the submissions for each challenge will be included in a curated, custom themes page featuring a collection of artwork. We debuted our H.P. Lovecraft Collection containing submissions from our artists featuring none other than one of the greatest writers of all time, H.P. Lovecraft and his characters.

We all (hopefully) made it through losing an hour on daylight savings time, maybe with help from one of our shirts :)

Design by Humans went to #PAXEAST and got to see some great gamers and gaming tech and meetup with our favorite streamers.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft we had a giveaway with some great Hearthstone gaming prizes including Hearthstone coaching, a gaming headset, a gaming keyboard, and more. Sponsored by Icy Veins, Kripparrian, and Steel Series.

We rolled out an updated Category Page featuring t-shirts in every category you can think of, from abstract to zombies . Dress yourself up in a DBH print featuring animals , gaming, horror, nature or any trend or style you can think of.

The Design by Humans Skelanimals design contest gave us some amazing Skelanimals t-shirt designs for purchase. We also created a store featuring the winners and the runner ups. Shop the store.

Our one day St. Patty's Day free shipping sale was a hit with some great social giveaways featuring DBH mystery boxes. We asked our facebook followers how they would catch a leprechaun and best answer we got was: "Simple. Call Trix rabbit, Snap crackle and pop. Tell em there's a party for Lucky Charms guy. When he shows up ask him to hang out awhile till a mystery box full of cool t-shirts shows up. He seems like a cool dude as long as you're not trying to steal his cereal." View our Facebook page and follow us on twitter to stay up to date with new giveaways!

To kick-off our t-shirt season sale we made video featuring DBH staff. Check out the behind the scenes blog here.


This month, people were for cats t-shirts, wolf t-shirts, music t-shirts, panda t-shirts, and skull tees and the top shirts purchased were Mr. Wolf, Broken IC, and The Geometry of Sunrise.

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