Winning Dark Knight T Shirt Designs

The Dark Knight Rises T Shirt are here! There is an amazing line up of detailed, creative, and innovative designs for the shirts. The 5 winning design were announced starting April 30th. Christopher Nolan, Writer/Director/Producer of the Dark Knight has chosen his favorite 3. Here is a list of the winners.

Winning Dark Knight T Shirt Designs

The Rising Shadow T Shirt dominates with a harmonic variety of brushes, textures and contrasts. The aggression of Bane and the stealth of Batman are composed by Studio8Worx. Bane and the Dark Knight blend their strength, speed and dominance within the design. A simple concept with an explosive style that fly'€™s right off the t shirt. The Rising Shadow flexes his power straight out of the shirt.

Bane is in a frenzy of fury. The intensity of this design starts with the eyes and leads in to the hands. The sure power of Bane is formulated with deep blues and contrasted with intense orange eyes. Brilliant line work make this Bane t shirt a winner amongst leaders. Grasp Bane'€™s intensity in Mr Nicolo'€™s dominating t shirt design.

Arises amongst the sky scrappers with Dark Knight'€™s face, the bat signal and the city. A triple super imposed subject matter creates a Gotham conceptual design. When the signal is called the Dark Knight arises to protect the city. The center point focus'€™ on the energy of the city and light dilutes throughout the skyscrapers of Gotham. Wear the symbol that protects the city in the monochromatic blend of the Dark Knight'€™s energy.

Come from the Darkness brings the Dark Knight'€™s power to the ground. The strength of the Dark Knight is forced through the ground with the cape flowing from above. The intense gaze stares into your eyes in the silhouette style design. One fist pounds the ground, as the other gets ready for the fight as the Dark Knight readies to battle Bane.

Hello Mr Wayne The battle of Bane and Batman intensifies under the dark shadows under the bat signal. A brilliant use of lighting and contrast create an ominous fight scene.  This Dark Knight design is true battle of strength and heroics in the gothic depths of the city.  Hello Mr Wayne by Skypeee is the grand prize winner of The Dark Knight Rises design contest.

Summary of the Dark Knight Contest

The $13,000 in prize money will be distributed amongst the winners. Now it'€™s your chance to buy one or all 5 of the shirts. All 5 are available as a package for the price of 4. There were hundreds of impressive design submissions from around the world, and these top 5 winners designed epic shirts for a legendary character, movie, and producer. The Dark Knight Rises legacy continues to represent the movie with a new shirt design from a group superior design talent. Christopher Nolan Writer/Producer/Director of the Dark Knight will be choosing the top 3, and signing a few limited edition shirts.

This was one of the most competitive contests for Design By Humans thus far. With large cash prize and creating a design for a legendary event this has warranted the best artists and designs. The top five best artists have earned their spots as the best in the T Shirt design community.

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