Pin-Ups Still Thrive in Art and Design

The pin-up girl has been a classic icon since the 1940s. Beautiful models, actresses and celebrities with their images mass-produced and distributed to be '€˜pinned'€™ onto the walls of their admirers began the pin-up girl craze and pop culture phenomenon.

Today, pin-up fashion has an edgy and alternative modern twist. Pin-up girls have always been classic choices in the world of body art, but now pin-up has become a popular fashion trend for women who themselves have a passion for body art. The combination of classy and edgy is unique and beautiful.

In the t-shirt categories page on the website there is a pin-up girls category with some awesome t-shirts featuring some beautiful and iconic women.

Five Awesome Pin-Up-Style Tees

Dama De La Muerte by Geno75 A modern goddess of death, a representation of darkness with elegant features and undeniable beauty, Dama De La Muerte is your edgy alternative to a the classic pin-up look. You could say she'€™s drop dead gorgeous?

Ready for Battle by Dzeri29 This portrait is reminiscent of the classic pin-up girl poses. A powerful woman proud to fight for her country sits atop an army tank and still manages an eye-catching smile and a strong salute. That tank can'€™t be very comfortable to sit on, so props to her for the composure.

Little Dragon by Winardi From anime enthusiast to dragon slayer, Little Dragon is the perfect pin-up beauty to proudly display on your T-shirt. A strong and powerful woman, she is the martial artist from the novel Return of the Condor Heroes and could probably beat you in a fight.

Dark Messenger by Mouchy With an enticing stare, this dark beauty will draw you in and leave you entranced. She is the perfect picture of elegance from a mysterious world. Does she present flowers inviting us to join her in a place unknown? This Dark Messenger is a gothic alternative to pin-up style and a beautiful work of art.

Axe Girl by Barmalizer Axe Girl is strong and proud. She can fend for herself and tackle any obstacle that gets in her way, including large trees? With an axe like that I wouldn'€™t stand in this bombshell beauty'€™s way. Don'€™t let that sweet face fool you.

Pin-up girls are classic icons as well as a modern pop culture sensation. Try incorporating some pin-up style women in your T-shirt designs for a unique retro-modern look. Here are some classic pin-up icons to drive some design inspiration!

5 Classic Pin-Up Girls from the 40'€™s and 50'€™s

Ava Gardner was one of Hollywood'€™s leading actresses circa 1946 known for being '€œone of the most beautiful women of her day,'€ nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress in the film Mogambo.

Marie McDonald was an American singer/actress nicknamed '€œThe Body'€ for her role in a film called Pardon My Sarong. During World War II she posed for the United States Military magazine Yank, and became one of Hollywood'€™s most popular pin-up girls

Betty Grable was an American actress, dancer and singer celebrated for having the most beautiful legs in Hollywood. No, seriously. Her legs were insured for one million dollars by an insurance agency in London. The photo on the left of her in a swimsuit made her the #1 pin-up girl during the World War II era.

Rita Hayworth was an American dancer and actress during the 1940'€™s celebrated as one of the era'€™s top stars. She appeared in a total of 61 films in only 37 years, and is listed in the American Film Institute as one of the 100 Greatest Stars of All Time.

Marilyn Monroe. Stop ogling!

Classic Pin-Up Art

Five Tees from our Pin-Up Collection

Lady Samurai Demon Exterminator Jo FEMME FATALE v.2 Fashion Death 97%

Check out the pin-up girl t-shirt collection on our categories page for more pin-up style inspiration to spark some modern-retro ideas in your awesomely creative brains.

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