Pop Culture MASHups

We love pop culture and we'€™ve been featuring awesome pop culture designs on Design By Humans for a couple of weeks now. We'€™ve recently received some very unique designs that fit perfectly in the pop culture category that are truly inspiring! A very cool trend in t-shirt design is the combining of two different characters or themes from pop culture into one original avant-garde hybrid; a mashup. These designs shed an entirely new light on pop culture and design possibilities. CTHUL-AID by BeastPop Ohhhh yeahhhh! In the depths of the ocean lies the most deliciously feared sugary beast. Ctchul-Aid says '€œR'€™Lyeehh!'€ as he busts through the wall. We love this new collective artist'€™s vibrant style.

The Doctors by Zerobriant Can you guess who these three doctors are? The artist of this design has taken characters from one of today'€™s most popular TV shows and drawn them with a nostalgic retro look, mashed up with a cartoon you may remember from your childhood.

Time Fiction by Zerobriant These doctors mean business! Unveiling a new breed of criminals that travel space and time, this design is very unique and exhibits superlative use of negative space.

Star T-Rex by Captain_RibMan Have you ever seen a control panel sitting atop a huge stack of phone books? It must be tough flying through space with such tiny arms! This design was created in a classic retro style that looks fantastic on T-shirts.

Where the Wild Adventures Are by Slaterock Two worlds, both full of adventure and a whole lot of fun. This design is a blend of perfection! In Where the Wild Adventures Are, the artist has married a modern cartoon with an old story that pulls at our heartstrings. We love it!

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