Presenting Hydro74 to the DBH Collective

One of the most talented line artists in the world, Hydro74 is now featured in the DBH Collective. The eyes, the ornamentation, the thick to thin contrasts, make for incredibly engaging artwork. A sense of royalty and precision engage your eye throughout the design. Take a closer look at the details, curves and line work within these free flowing patterns. The Lion is a chromatic rendering pride master, to the Mind Reader owl stares with the wisest intent. Check out our list of the best in Hydro74's designs.

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The Loin Shirt by Hyrdo74

The Lion is a chromatic pridefill face with a golden main.

Tiger Design Shirt

The Tiger with white eyes stares into your soul.

All Knowing Skull Shirt

The All Knowing, a skull on skull montage with ornate geometry.

The Owl Shirt

The Mind Reader stares at you with wondering your wisest thoughts.

Ornate Skull Shirt

The red skull is a high level of orientation and detailed boarders make a beautiful mandala.

Jeff Sheldon - Artist Curated Week - Day 1

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