Red, White & Blowin' Things Up

Look, I'm not gonna bore you with a bunch of pretty words about 'Merica and celebrating freedom and all that. It's the 4th of July -- you know what to do!

Light the grill, crack open a cold one, hit shuffle on your Star Spangled Swagger playlist and blow something up! Like this guy:

Points for sticking the landing.

Let's not kid ourselves here. It's July 3rd, so if you haven't already ordered your 'Merica T-Shirt from our Stars and Stripes Collection, then buying one (or three) today won't get you suited up in time for the fireworks and inevitable post-burger John Cougar Mellancamp sing-along.

Q: Who's to say you can't celebrate being a red-blooded American every other day of the year?

A: The bad guys in Red Dawn, that's who. And we ain't takin' none of that.

Our choice for showing those bad guys who's boss? The FIRE BREATHING BALD EAGLE OF PATRIOTISM by Obinson. So badass, even Kim Jong Un can't fight it.

*Note: Don't actually blow things up. Leave that to the professionals. But don't forget to be awesome.

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