Roarsome Lion Tees

Lions have been celebrated throughout history for their courage and strength. Notoriously known as the mighty 'King of the Jungle', these majestic animals are some of the fiercest creatures on the planet. Lions' massive manes, royal qualities, and fierce rawr have always presented artists with a unique canvas to work with. Here at DBH, lions have been artistically drawn, painted and designed in a variety of styles that show off some mind-blowing artwork. Check out some of the featured lion tees at DBH and let us know what you think!

no king kdeuce t shirt tee tank top crew crewneck sweatshirt lion painted paint splatter black and white animal king of the jungle
No King by Kdeuce
This awesome painted design is for all the leaders and leos out there. This stunning black and grey lion shows off a ton of detail work in the mane and is offset with bright splattered colors. Refuse to be led by others in this fierce lion tee.

lion drip dzeri29 lion growl roar teeth halftone yellow neon painted paint drip splatter ubran art street art tshirt tee tank top crew crewneck sweatshirt
Lion Drip by dzeri29
This semi-realistic lion design almost looks 3D! Cool, painted details create this lion'€™s mane and the grunge effects give it a street art feel. An added halftone pattern gives this design a cool retro look. Rock this unbeatable king of the jungle design on new tanks and crews!

summer hunting 2 lion animal king of the jungle gradient sunglasses color neon zebra food tshirt tee tank top crew crewneck sweatshirt

Summer Hunting 2 by
This brand new lion design has become one of our bestsellers! A photo realistic lion is mashed up with vector sunglasses and a cool blue-purple gradient for an awesome summertime tee. What'€™s he hunting?! Take a closer look'€¦.

royal blood collisiontheory lion growl roar teeth neon colors painted splatter bright tshirt tee tank top crew crewneck sweatshirt
Royal Blood by collisiontheory
What happens when lions turn into zombies? This amazing designs shows off a wild explosion of color that is sure to stand out! Painted details and mixed colors create a surreal look that give this design a strong artistic feel. Show off your wild side in this cool lion design.

cool lion soltib lion hipster animal king of the jungle pencil sketch black and white eyes glasses beanie hat simple funny tshirt tee tank top crew crewneck sweatshirt
Cool Lion by soltib
This hipster lion is cooler than cool! Simple pencil sketches create this artsy lion complete with glowing yellow eyes. Hashmarks give this simple design a unique texture while the light linework allows the artwork to look good on a variety of colored backgrounds.

More Stunning Lion Designs at DBH

lion black and white lion the king red mashup beta fish king of the jungle tshirt tee tank top crew crewneck sweatshirt parody funny tshirt tee tank top crew crewneck sweatshirt cartoon photo realisti business animal drawing sea lion mashup parody beautiful art tshirt tee crew crewneck sweatshirt tank top water blue ocean waves animal mashup

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