Running Down the Suicide Squad

Running Down the Suicide Squad

The new Suicide Squad film hits theaters in just a few weeks, so DBH is here to provide you with the rundown on all the crazy characters you may not recognize. We’ll also give you our opinion on who’s the coolest, best dressed, and who’d win in a fight, but you’ll have to wait till next time for that one!

Harley Quinn The goods on Harley Quinn: you probably recognize her, she’s fairly iconic; if you played Batman: Arkham Asylum at all, she was around. Harley Quinn is Harleen Quinzell (her parents =jerks), intern psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. At the asylum, she treats the Joker and falls in love with him. Their whole love/hate thing goes so far beyond kinky; it’s really not for the faint of heart. Played by Margot Robbie in the upcoming film, Harley Quinn is known for her speed, strength, and invulnerability to toxins (all three provided by a serum from Poison Ivy), and of course her psychiatrist background and crazy flexibility since she was a gymnast growing up.

If it’s not clear already, she’s super crazypants on top of all that.

The Joker Everyone knows The Joker, but in this movie he might just be the villain again. I know everyone loves a good anti-hero, but Jared Leto is already fighting a losing battle against Heath Ledger’s ghost in this case. Bad guy or not though, The Joker has complicated entanglements with Harley Quinn and Batman (both Suicide Squad members), so it’s sure to be interesting and drama-filled. Of course, he’s also psychotic; there seems to be a theme here…

I do have to admit, he reminds me of the Green Goblin more than the joker here (personally I think Jack Nicholson should have come back for this one).

Amanda Waller Amanda Waller is the Nick Fury of the Suicide Squad. Waller is obviously crazy for taking this job (again, the theme is crazy!), although Viola Davis isn’t for taking the role! It’s always exciting to see her name pop up on an upcoming film, and the fact that it’s part of the DC universe just makes it more awesome.

Enchantress Enchantress, played by Cara Delevingne, can transform into a magical being who teleports, heals, and is super duper evil. (Basically a whole Jekyll/Hyde thing, but with way cooler powers instead of just mega evil). She looks a little like Samara from The Ring here, but I’m sure she won’t actually come out of your TV.

El Diablo El Diablo, played by Jay Hernandez, is literally on fire. As in pyrokinetic. The backstory is, he burned down a building with women and children in it without realizing it, turned himself in to the police, and is considered crazy. I dunno, that sounds to me like he’s just a real person with a conscience. (There are several incarnations of El Diablo with differing backstories, but this seems to be the one the new film is going with).

Deadshot Deadshot---wait, is this Will Smith’s first actual villain movie? Oh but he’s still saving the world, so it’s cool I guess. Anyway he has no actual superpowers, but he does have a cyborg eye and a death wish! Apparently his greatest ambition is to die in battle. He’s a really great shot (obv), and his red cyborg eye helps with that.

Rick Flag Rick Flag, played by Joel Kinnaman, is a military guy, no superpowers, also suggested crazy. (Again, there are several incarnations, but this seems to be the movie version)

Captain Boomerang Jai Courtney plays Captain Boomerang, an Australian guy with----you guessed it, lots of boomerangs; he’s often a bad guy to the Flash. It’s not entirely clear if this is supposed to be the father or the son; the son was more dark and psychotic, but the dad was more of a villain.

Killer Croc Killer Croc--basically the giant lizard-y guy from spiderman. He regenerates, his thick lizard skin is like armor, and he’s got super speed, strength, endurance, and heightened senses.

Panda Panda?? Seriously, does anyone know what’s going on with Assault Rifle Panda?

Katana Karen Fukuhara’s character Katana is typically a Justice League member, not sure why she’s with the S.S. She’s a badass samurai though, and has a sweet magic sword called Soul Taker that lets her talk to all the people she kills. She became a samurai after her family was murdered and now she’s a vigilante.

Slipknot Slipknot is really good at ropes and stuff. He kills people with them and has a formula to make them unbreakable.

BatFleck The BatFleck is also making an appearance, presumably on the side of the S.S., possibly against the Joker? We shall see.

So who would you like to see fight who within the suicide squad? Comment below with your favorite characters and best match-ups!

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Featured Artist: Denilson